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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by RyanM8, May 31, 2017.


Easy to use facility to switch license between computer systems

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  1. GregWaterloo

    GregWaterloo Bit Poster

    ditto. Allowing a single simultaneous instance, no matter which computer it is running on would be very welcome. The value of the software comes from actually running it, so if it can only run one instance per license but have it installed on multiple macs, that would be great.
  2. JamesA8

    JamesA8 Bit Poster

    I just bought an iMac Pro. Now that I don't have any money left in my piggy bank, I am currently weighing the costs of virtualization on my new computer and my old laptop. I have some VMs I'd like to keep handy on my laptop. But I also have a powerful desktop just waiting for me to find out how many VMs I can start at once. I want virtualization on both my computers. I just wanted to let you know you're about to lose another customer to VMware.

    TAHARVEY Bit Poster

    This isn't a feature request, this is a loss of feature complaint. I've used Parallels for 10 years. It is now 1 license = 1 computer AND annual $99/year. Sorry I'm done. VMWare is less money, more computers, no subscription. And on the low end, VirtualBox is free. After all, everything but the GPU is provided by the native hypervisor.

    I'm leaving.
    EDIT: I did it. I bought my first copy of VMware. Don't think I'll come back
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  4. Thommy_

    Thommy_ Bit Poster

    I agree with this thread. Nobody here wants to abuse his/her license, but many of us have a desktop plus a MacBook which we don't use at the same time. Bind the license to the user, not the computer, otherwise many of us will switch to VMware as well. Even M$ doesn't show such a restrictive behavior.
  5. clearcss

    clearcss Bit Poster

    As a developer with the same situations as posted here, please allow 1 Desktop 1 Laptop license. I mainly see developers use parallels on laptops who wish they could also use it at home on their powerful machines. Not simultaneously.
  6. jvh

    jvh Bit Poster

    Sadly I have 3 licences for my 3 Macs I own and use ...
    But Parallels allowed me the licences to be update ones, so not at the full price.

    THX a lot for this.
  7. ForrestJ

    ForrestJ Bit Poster

    I have purchased Parallels back as far as version 4 and up through version 10. I just purchased the annual subscription. I wish I had known Fusion was more reasonable with its use policy on more than one computer. I would not have purchased Parallels again had I known that Fusion had a more reasonable policy for personal users. And when this year's subscription ends, I will well more than likely switch to a different product. I would cancel the 'subscription' now except of course there is no refund and I would be throwing the money away. Please be on notice, Parallels, that 'once bit twice shy' applies. I will simply cease being a customer.
  8. CalebJ

    CalebJ Bit Poster

    I logged in only to join this chorus.

    I do curriculum development on Macs, in the always far, far superior Windows version of Microsoft Word.
    I pirated my first version of Parallels 3 from TPB, and then bought Parallels 4 when it first came out for stability and updates and because it was such an improvement over version 3. I have bought every upgrade through version 12.

    Once upon a time having a license key meant you could install Parallels on up to 5 computers, then it was 3, and now it's 1 with Parallels 13. I've worked with the dwindling license versus installs situation by not upgrading some computers or not upgrading the versions of Parallels running on them. At this moment, I have Parallels 12 on three Macs, Parallels 11 on another, and Parallels 10 running on a laptop I hardly ever need.

    I won't be purchasing version 13 at the price offered just to use the software on only one of my production machines. How could I even choose which machine? The one at work where I push final documents, worksheets, and textbooks? The one in the company housing where I tinker during the week? Or the one at home where I often work through a weekend right up to a deadline?

    The simple answer is to avoid this and not choose to buy Parallels 13. If I need new software on more than one computer, then I will buy from your competitor or take my family out to dinner instead because buying a single use license for software that is needed on more than one computer is a waste of money.

    I have been using Microsoft Office 2003 for more than 10 years and last week I purchased an Office 365 subscription because MS Office 2003 is starting to slowdown my workflow. My new Office 365 subscription lets me install what I need to get work done, inside Parallels 12, on all 3 of my production Macs, and any number of phones, tablets, or other devices. It does this for not much more than the cost of a full, single use Parallels license. That's a good deal, and one which convinced me to start moving away from 15 year old software. Parallels versions 5 through 12 still work just fine too, so I expect I'll get around to eating the cost of a new Parallels license in about 2033. See you then.
  9. ForrestJ

    ForrestJ Bit Poster

    Maybe that's the tack I should take: just drawn down on the last purchased (Parallels 10) and use it. They lead you to believe that if you upgrade your MacOS, you have to upgrade your Parallels, too. In fact, they kind of beat you to death with warnings and reminders. If that isn't the case, why am I beating myself up over their overly restrictive licensing? And yes, my history with them still shows a 5-user license for Parallels 10 (and all the ones I bought before that).
  10. clearcss

    clearcss Bit Poster

    My dilemma is also ending as well. My subscription ends in September and I will no longer renew if I cannot use it on my laptop and imac.
  11. AndyF1

    AndyF1 Bit Poster

    I switched to VMWare as well because of this exact reason.
    Personally I like Parallel's approach, but it isn't worth the double (or even triple) price compared to Fusion. But I think they won't change that policy unless there are enough people opting out of this license-model.
  12. RussellM2

    RussellM2 Bit Poster

    +1 on the sentiment here. I've already started purchasing alternative solutions for new developers in our company since many of them have multiple macs. I've now started leaving my 15" laptop at work most days of the week, and am happy using an older 13" that I keep at home for my work-at-home days and any evening work... and I've found myself here. so, @parallels.. what you gonna do, and how soon?

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