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Easy to use facility to switch license between computer systems

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  1. EdwardO2

    EdwardO2 Bit poster

    I just purchased a New Mac Book which came with the subscription. Deleted VMWare from my iMac and loaded Desktop 14. I had no idea this could not be used on at least 2 Macs as always in the past.
    Switching back fast.
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  2. JoeA2

    JoeA2 Bit poster

    I use both mac air & mac mini. do i need to buy double license ?

    Regards Joe
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  3. SchroedersKater

    SchroedersKater Member

    Yes, that's their strange license.
  4. SlintyF

    SlintyF Bit poster

    I agree with DenizO. Ideally the licensing should be user dependent and not system dependent. On the other hand, they could also keep one license valid for 2 systems.

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  5. MaitT

    MaitT Bit poster

    i also wanted to ask same thing. I do own macbook and imac and i have annual licence. It just feels so right to have same license working on both computers. Everybody else also do support it - MS allows you use 5 devices, Adobe allows you to use two computers at same time but you can always signout and sign in if you want to change devices.

    Parallels team - it seems quite industry standard to support several computers for same license. When do you follow ? :)
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  6. NickH2

    NickH2 Bit poster

    Just found this thread and as I now need to use a VM on my MacBook and MacPro desktop after reading this thread and noting that Parallels have done nothing to address this since this thread was started I am now switching over to VMWare.
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  7. JaraJ

    JaraJ Bit poster

    I think It's a awesome Ideas so far. Thank's for confirming @RyanM8
    Regards, Jara
  8. GrantH1

    GrantH1 Bit poster

    Recently came across this thread and very disappointed to see absolutely no response from Parallel's 'management'.
    I now have a requirement to use a work-based desktop and laptop (though not concurrently) and after reviewing VMWare Fusion have decided to ditch Parallels in favour of this product. With support for multiple machines, better graphics options and updated features it's a bit of a no-brainer. Sad to leave after so many years with Parallels but the incentives on offer from VMWare fusion are much better.
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  9. NevilleG

    NevilleG Bit poster


    Even Adobe allow you to use software on two devices, and allow you simply to activate or deactivate devices as you want. I've been using Parallels for years. Their software is good, and their support I have found to be fantastic. But I will be looking around for a substitute now, and they will lose my subscription as soon as I find one. Parallels Access was suggested to me, but that depends on an internet link. I often find myself and my laptop can't get on the internet when I'm out and about, and I think it also means remote access to my desktop computer, which I power down when away from home. So Parallels will lose my custom sooner or later.
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  10. consumerb

    consumerb Bit poster

    I agree with all the decisions here. Thank you for your time and patience for letting us know about this.

    Regards, Consumer
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  11. TracyH

    TracyH Bit poster

    I finally made the jump from Parallels to VMWare. One price (cheaper BTW) and I can use the same license on all of my personal computers (no limit). Sorry Parallels had to jump ship since I'm using my Macbook Pro and iMac more now. To have to activate and deactivate depending on which one I'm using was a pain. I don't see much of a difference in performance or features (that I use anyway) between the two. Hope this helps anyone else thinking about VMWare. Also, they offer 40% off when switching.

    The only sad part is I've been using Parallels since I got my first Macbook (probably 8+ years). Hope they change their policy so they don't lose anymore customers. I was a loyal customer and now I'm headed out.

    Bon Voyage!
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  12. Glenn G

    Glenn G Bit poster

    Not only VMWare allows multiple computers per single license, but VMWare does NOT limit amount of RAM and CPU cores per VM guest. In Parallels world, you need to pay extra for "professional" license... I'm willing to tolerate this aspect as Parallels IMHO is superior product, but inability to run the same VM on two personal Macs is a show stopper.
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  13. oztrev

    oztrev Member

    I started using Parallels on a 2007 Mac mini running Tiger, so a long time. I have now invested in a VMWare Fusion licence for my laptop and if it works out, both my desktop and my wife's will be moving to Fusion. The downgrading of the Parallels Desktop features (in an effort to move people to a subscription model) I could just bear. The restriction of one computer per licence on the other hand is becoming more than an expensive annoyance.
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  14. BradB1

    BradB1 Bit poster

    I've used this from Parallels 6 (upgrading each time), but the one-computer thing isn't feasible for me either. I expect a license to be 'per user' (as is the case with literally EVERY other app I own a license for) so the few times I need to use my home computer. I can...

    VMwares 'upgrade from Parallels' means I can switch to VM for about the same price as a Parallels upgades.
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  15. BryceL

    BryceL Bit poster

    Well this has been a major bummer to read dating back to 2017 when this thread began. I was looking to buy and start using parallels. However it is absolutely necessary that I have it on my iMac at the home office and my MacBook Pro when I am traveling. I wasn't so much bothered by it moving to a subscription based licensing but the fact that I would have to buy 2 license subscriptions is absurd.

    I always get concerned about a company that ignores the cries of its market.

    I will be moving forward with VM Fusion
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  16. PauloP3

    PauloP3 Bit poster

    Well me too just a few days ago realized I was unable to use the same license on two of my macbooks without the hassle of having to regiter the computer every single time. After reading much of this post I decide to move to VMware. Bye parallels, we had a good 11 years run...
  17. LucasS3

    LucasS3 Bit poster

    Hello, I have been a Parallels user since version 8, and have purchased the license upgrade every version. I want to echo the people here that the licensing model by Parallels, in not allowing the license to be tied to the user vs per machine is not in line with industry practices. My subscription ends in August 2019, and unless there is a change in policy I too will be migrating to VMWare, which has a more more reasonable licensing policy.
  18. Sonderpa

    Sonderpa Member

    I have a Parallels license the moment it became available for Mac and switched to a Pro license when that was introduced.
    I have 3 Macs. 2 of them are used on a daily basis and I do have 2 licenses.
    Reading here that VMWare doesn't limit the use a license on multiple Macs makes me consider seriously in making the switch from Parallels to VMWare.
    I'm starting a trial download today and will do a comparison between Parallels and VMWare.
  19. KellyT2

    KellyT2 Bit poster

    Hi, pls is the license restricted to a single pc because i need to installed on other one. I couldn't get job done as had little issues with my other system. I am one of the busy person my organization need most. I will be grateful if any help.
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  20. Hi please use this KB article in order to transfer the key.
    If it will not work for you or it's not that case, please let us know, we will be glad to help you.

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