[Licensing] Use one license on several personal computers

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Easy to use facility to switch license between computer systems

  1. Yes, great. need one

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  1. PeterJ18

    PeterJ18 Bit Poster

    what's your actual point to use single parallel license on two sysytems?
  2. JeffreyD5

    JeffreyD5 Bit Poster

    Me too. I'm done.
  3. oztrev

    oztrev Bit Poster

    I have finally started moving my VMs to VMware Fusion 11.5.6 for multiple reasons: no arbitrary CPU/RAM restrictions; the licence allows me to install on multiple computers; cost; Parallels no longer supports full screen resolution on FreeBSD (it did back in PD14); the latest version PD16 has multiple issues (Midi apps no longer work in a macOS VM - but the biggest issue is despite the PD's claim to support Big Sur it doesn't - screen resolution is limited to 1024x768). Needless to say, the current Fusion release has none of these issues.
  4. ManojC


    there is any way to get a free licence
  5. Andreas76

    Andreas76 Bit Poster

    If you could just see how much money you are not making just by loosing or not making new customers. Just I know at least 5 people who were willing to spend money on a solution like that but you pushed them out of your universe with your price and licensing politics. Normal private users don't seem to be your target.At least it is just a kind of backend program and it has to be more "silent"

    Now I am happy that the new VMware player is absolutely free for private use and feels so much faster and smoother than before.
    3D performance and integration gimmicks might not be the same but most of the people are not willing to spend 200 bucks every year just to run a 16GB machine at home and on the road.
    I was really willing to pay but its absolutely ridiculous that I was not able to run it on my MacBook with the same licence. We are talking about that for years now.
    Your product is great but it seems that you don't want this community to grow but to get all the money to of it as fast as possible. Maybe I give you another try in some years ... hope management changed then.
  6. Putry Devi

    Putry Devi Bit Poster

    awesome realy i like it, thank you :)
  7. AndreaG11

    AndreaG11 Bit Poster

    I hope they will review their licensing too.

    I'm on Big Sur (sudo -b saved my life for the the networking issue) and I use a single app to edit MP3 tags on one Win10 VM that runs on a single iMac.
    I usually used VirtualBox but as I tried PD I found that VB was soooo slow and I felt in love with Coherence.
    I tried Vmware Fusion FREE too, but it was slower than PD16 and had issues with sound card on guest OS and graphical glitches with Unity.
    So, I'm not asking for a free "personal" license like Vmware do (that would be great) but I think that 99€ is a little bit too pricey.

  8. sohailK

    sohailK Bit Poster

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  9. KellyT2

    KellyT2 Bit Poster

    What's this license of a thing about because my window recently notify me to activate my license which i dont understand.
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  10. MrWhite15

    MrWhite15 Bit Poster

    I agree with you. It should be considered.
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  11. Jpmcc

    Jpmcc Bit Poster

    The lack of being able to install on multiple machines was just about to push me to VMware Fusion, I have just checked their policy on this. For commercial use, it is strictly one license, one machine - even if if not used concurrently.

    For private use, yes, multiple installs are permitted, but it sounds like many posters here aren't using those installs for non-commercial purposes, so in violation of the fusion EULA.

    Still undecided, but the free Parallels vagrant provider may swing things as Hashicorp charge $79 for the VMware provider, also Fusion is twice the cost. For that, I could probably put up with any hassle switching licenses between machines.
  12. Davidj39

    Davidj39 Bit Poster

    we can only use one license for one computer only bcoz every computer has a unique id , if it is installed on one computer, we can not use that license on another computer.it will show an error message. but we can download the crack version of windows.
  13. usmanr

    usmanr Bit Poster

    Yes, I agree with this post! With the basic one-license personal plan, VM Fusion allows personal users to install the software on any computer they own. If Parallels doesn't change its policy soon, I'll be migrating over to VM Fusion.
    Thanks For That.
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  14. AlekseyS2

    AlekseyS2 Bit Poster

    Please allow me to join this request.
    It is really really needed feature nowadays when it is very common to have 2-3 personal computers. It is a bit not user-friendly to request 2 full cost licenses for same engineer when he uses same product on different computers for personal use.

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