Lightroom 6.14 on macOS guest system or maybe Windows guest system?

Discussion in 'macOS Guest OS Discussion' started by Friederich, Dec 17, 2019.

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    I started with Parallels a three days ago, so I only scratched the surface of its possibilites.
    The main reason of getting into virtualtzation is for me that the perpetual license version of Lightroom cannot be installed or removed after switching to Catalina. So it thought that a Mojave guest system for the Lightroom installation would be the solution of choice. I read in this forum that hardware accelleration is a problem so maybe there is a performance difference between a Windows 10 guest system and a macOS Mojave. Since the Lightroom License is good for Windows and macOS, I could choose the better performing OS.
    Has someone tried that already or is there a general performance difference between Windows and macOS guest systems?
    Another solution woud be to install Lightroom in the 32bit capable Mojave guest system and use it in the native Catalina environment, since the Lightroom application itself seems to be 64bit, only the installation and licensing part is 32bit and Adobe is now willing to release 64bit versions as they want to force customers to the subscription model.
    Is it possible to run applications from the host system in the (macOS) guest system and/or vice versa?
    Thanks in advance
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    I've found a way around the Lightroom problem. I have LR running in Parallels 13 (though I'm told Parallels 13 is not compatible with macOS Catalina...seems to be running okay for the moment, maybe I'll upgrade to P16 in the fall with the new macOS Big Sur). I put my LR catalog into a folder in C:/, then repointed the catalog to my photo directories on the "network" drives, and everything seems fine.
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    Are you able to import photos into Lightroom without Lightroom crashing?

    My good old MacBook running Mojave just died and I bought a 2020 MacBook without Mojave support :(
    Now I'm using Parallels 15 with an OS X Mojave VM with Lightroom 6 newly installed on that VM. The host 2020 MacBook is running Big Sur.
    => thus files can be located on the MacBook drive ("Big Sur") or inside the Parallels virtual machine ("Mojave VM").
    The Lightroom catalog is stored locally on "Mojave VM" (I copied it over): I could not get Lightroom to work with the catalog on "Big Sur" through Parallels Shared Folders.
    The actual photos are stored on Big Sur, not on Mojave VM to avoid bloating the VM - and the Parallels shared folders can be used to access these photos.
    So far so good.
    When I try an import then Lightroom crashes. When I re-open Lightroom the imported photos are in the catalog, and I can develop and export. Did anyone encounter this crash and find a work-around?

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