Linux Guests and Parallels Tools - when?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for M Series Mac' started by todonoghue, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. todonoghue

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    I understand the Tech Preview is beta and all that implies. So far I've got Windows 10 ARM running and updating well, and no major issues seen. \

    I've also managed to install several versions of ARM-based Linux to try and emulate what I have done on the x86 side via VirtualBox:

    So far there are 2 major issues:
    1. cannot seem to get the mouse to behave consistently in some of the Linus OS - I need to click, drag, and click again to reposition the mouse. Debian and Ubuntu work well and as expected, but Fedora and OpenSUSE 15.2 Leap show weird mouse actions

    2. No Parallels Tools for Linux. If they will work the same way as the Windows version of the tools that'll be great, but probably not a good idea to assume that will be the case. Does anyone have info on when the tools will be available? As far as I've seen, there does not seem to be any ETA on the Linux version of the Parallels Tools. Does anyone have any updated info?

    I've not committed to purchasing the Parallels for Mac Pro yet. The inclusion of the tools and time to test them is going to be a big deciding factor. It's been frustrating coming from the VirtualBox world where the "guest additions" for all flavors of guests are handled in a single package.

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    Bumping this thread for the Parallels Tools for Linux.
  3. Another bump. Would love to try Linux with the Preview. No interest in Windows.
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  5. Tres Finocchiaro

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  6. todonoghue

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    So far so good with OpenSUSE Leap 15.2, Ubuntu, and Fedora 33 - Parallels tools installed perfectly.
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  7. PaulR27

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    Has anybody got audio to work with the newly available tools installed? Ubuntu just shows a Dummy audio device despite audio being configured and tools installed.
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  9. JasonB3

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    Just installed Fedora 33-1.2 in PD16.3.2(50531) and I don't have any audio either after installing Parallels Tools and rebooting.
    Output Device is showing as Dummy Output.
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  10. JosephB15

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    No audio for me either. I set Sound Output to the MacBook Air speakers in Hardware settings, but it makes no difference. We getting there though! The tools installed and can change display resolution. It's looking great - fast!
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  11. ErnieS1

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    Same issue with lack of audio in both Ubuntu and Fedora.
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  12. LkwdBrian

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    Lack of audio under Linux seems to be a common problem. I'm guessing there are no audio drivers included in the Parallels tools. It would be nice to know where this is on the product roadmap.
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