Linux tools? Anyone try them yet?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by soleblaze, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Synchro

    Synchro Junior Member

    Where to get the Linux tools?

    Having bought the downloaded version of 3.0, I don't have a physical CD. Where can I get the linux tools?
  2. mebbert

    mebbert Bit poster

    Why only in 3.0?

    It is really frustrating that they would require current owners to pay extra money to get the linux tools. That is ridiculous.
  3. John the Geek

    John the Geek Member

    Mouse synchronization, window resizing, those sort of things. No Coherence.

    When running a Linux VM, under the Actions menu, choose Install Parallels Tools... Then the virtual CD will mount in Linux and you can follow the instructions in the manual found on the Parallels installer DMG.

    Parallels Tools never existed for Linux before and therefore was never a feature. They had to write the tools for in the VM, then write the Parallels application to respond to those tools. It may not be a huge undertaking compared to all of the other enhancements, but certainly not a free addition either.
  4. mebbert

    mebbert Bit poster

    I totally disagree. If you buy VMWare you don't just buy tools for windows. You shouldn't have to pay extra to support another OS. That's the whole point of virtualizing.
  5. superwoman

    superwoman Bit poster

    I agree totally with you. If Parallels advertise Linux as one of the supported guest operating system, then I would expect Linux tools to come with it.

    The fact that it took version 3.0 for Parallels to come up with Linux tools is a disgrace. When it did come, it's disappointing. The only thing they did was screen and mouse synchronization. The following are still missing:
    - Time synchronization (How difficult can this be ???!!)
    - Proper VM shutdown. If I suspend instead, time gets out of sync.
    - Shared folder support.

    No to mention the 20-30% CPU utilization while idle, although this has nothing to do with Linux tools.
  6. seebs

    seebs Junior Member

    They work for me. VM works well enough for me. I'd love to see more features, but it's not as though I had any of the features everyone's asking for under Virtual PC.

    Anyway, if you wanna set up shared files, you can. If you have networked Linux and Mac systems, and you can't figure out how to share files between them, I don't think that's a flaw in the software. :) (To be fair, it probably oughta be easier, but...)

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