Lion Guest VM freezes after host Mac awakes from sleep

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by Scott G Howard, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. makehavoc


    That's wonderful news! As I purchased parallels 7 in July 2012 (only a couple of months ago) for the express purpose of running lion as a virtual machine on my new MacBook pro.

    As the version that I purchased does not do what the sales blurb said it would do (allow me to run Lion as a virtual machine in Parallels 7), how do I either get a refund for parallels 7 and pay for parallels 8 or get a free copy of parallels 8?

  2. DhnauK


    PD 8 Also freeze on wake up..

    Hi All,

    I am using PD 8 with Win7 64bit in a MBA 13" i&, 8GB RAM. It freezes after wake up.
    Any fix???
  3. alexg

    alexg Parallels Developers

    DhnauK, the thread about Lion Guest VM. And the described problem was fixed.

    The problem you have described with Host sleep and Windows VM. Sorry for giving you troubles. We will investigate the problem.

  4. juzci

    juzci Parallels Developers

    thank you for feedback, we do appreciate it!
    To investigate the issue we need some technical information, so could you please do something for us? First shutdown your VM, go to VM configuration-Hardware-Boot Order and paste:
    After that go to Parallels Desktop-Preferences-Advanced and check 'Use detailed log messages' checkbox there.
    Then start your VM and reproduce the issue. When VM is freezed, go to Applications-Utilities-Terminal and paste:
    prlctl list -a
    - you'll see a list of your VMs.
    Copy the UUID of your freezed VM from the first column of the list.
    After that paste in Terminal:
    prlctl internal UUID dbgdump
    - replacing 'UUID" with your copied VM UUID.
    Wait for dump to be created, go inside your VM package, find memory.dmp file there and send it to me - here is a folder to place your dump:

    Thanks in advance,

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