llipd is consuming all my filehandles

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by scudderfish, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. scudderfish


    llipd appears to be opening 2 UDP sockets per second continuously until my Mac keels over with "Aug 2 17:53:46 gedge kernel[0]: file: table is full" when it has managed to grab all 12000 file handles. I've got 4560 installed, and this happens even after a hard reboot (I have to hit the power switch to recover) and I've not run any VMs

    It's currently at 1018 open handles and counting. I fingered llipd as the culprit by running

    gedge:~ root# while (true) do date >> lsof.log; lsof | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | sort | uniq -c | sort >> lsof.log; sleep 60; done

    and then

    gave me lots of

    llipd 140 root 1057u IPv4 0x4ae9930 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1058u IPv4 0x4ae9860 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1059u IPv4 0x4ae9790 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1060u IPv4 0x4ae96c0 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1061u IPv4 0x4ae95f0 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1062u IPv4 0x4ae9520 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1063u IPv4 0x4ae9450 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1064u IPv4 0x4ae9380 0t0 UDP *:*
    llipd 140 root 1065u IPv4 0x4ae92b0 0t0 UDP *:*

    gedge:~ root# lsof | grep llipd

    I'm going to kill -9 140 now and see if my Mac stays up for the rest of the day
  2. stain


    I had the same problem, I was worried I had a virus or the machine was breaking down.

    llipd was using over 1000 filehandles on udp-listening.

    is llipd really needed?
  3. stain


    The effects of this is that OS X just starts closing random windows, the browsers loose the text of websites, programs (even Finder) won't start, etc. This happens even if Parallels has not been started and the machine is freshly rebooted. If I don't log in straight after reboot I am not even able to login because there are not enough file handles to read my password.
  4. spectre

    spectre Parallels Team

    Thank you for the report. I've notified our QA and Development teams, we'll investigate this issue in-house with high priority.
  5. scudderfish


    Thanks. Feel free to contact me directly for any other information. For now I've removed the startup item to prevent it from running.

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