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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by gcsaustin, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. gcsaustin

    gcsaustin Guest

    I have several customers that use 2x ApplicationServer and they all have login scripts to map network drives. When the first application is opened via 2x , the login script does not go away (it stays in the taskbar). If I log in directly through terminal services, the login script disappears in a few seconds.

  2. Lee

    Lee Guest

    what exactly is left a cmd.exe at a cmd prompt or is the login script pausing/failing?
  3. RatCatcher

    RatCatcher Guest

    I'm getting this too Lee - have a C:\WINDOWS\System32\command.exe running in the taskbar of the client whenever an application is launched. It stays visible after the application is closed, but then closes when the TS session is dropped from the server.

  4. Lee

    Lee Guest

    is the script complete?

    ie is it sat at a cmd prompt when you open it, if indeed it is expandable?
  5. RatCatcher

    RatCatcher Guest

    Can't open it, it's running locally - it's not listed in the terminal server processes. If I kill it via local task manager, it closes the published application too.

  6. Lee

    Lee Guest

    does the script have an exit written into it?

    is it possible to inform us or send a copy of the script to support@2x.com ?
  7. RatCatcher

    RatCatcher Guest

    has an :end

    no exit though........

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