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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Windows' started by FrankH3, Feb 15, 2016.

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    Is there a way to create a command line script that will logoff all sessions without having to use the GUI and right click the system tray icon to select log off all sessions? I have a customer who uses a cloud published app and they do not log off properly and eventually their sessions become locked. I would like to be able to issue a script from out RMM software to solve this issue quickly without having to remote to their PCs.

    Is there a 2X command line option to logoff all sessions?
  2. JustinD2

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    Have you found a solution for this?

    If not, perhaps a command line to kill the Parallels Client's process could work in lieu of a disconnect command line. Not an ideal solution. What problems could this cause?

    I have a situation where users will be logging in and out of the Parallels Client as they move from computer to computer.

    Logging in and out of Windows may be too slow. The plan is to keep the computers logged in with a 'kiosk' user account. The work flow looks something like this....

    The current user clicks an icon / button to disconnect the current session when complete. The following user re-launches and authenticates to their own session and clicks the icon / button to disconnect when they are complete.

    Thank you for any ideas.
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    If you just want to disconnect the session, gracefully closing the "tsclient.exe" process will do a graceful RDP disconnect.
    taskkill.exe /im tsclient.exe
    If you want to logoff all RAS sessions, you could use url schema automation (case sensitive):

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