Loose mouse control when screen sharing

Discussion in 'Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM' started by MichelleW1, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. MichelleW1

    MichelleW1 Bit poster

    Has anyone experienced issues with controlling their mouse when sharing their screen? I have used Zoom, WebEx and GotoMeeting. The mouse starts flickering and I am not able to move it anywhere. .resulting in the need to reboot the computer completely.
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  2. Yury Averkiev

    Yury Averkiev Program Manager Member

    Hi Michelle,
    I'm not sure how your question is related to Parallels Mac Management. Could you please clarify? Parallels Mac Management includes a VNC viewer that can be used to access desktops of Macs that have been enrolled into SCCM.
  3. Charliedavid

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    I think the user with whom the screen is shared is using the mouse at the time of screen sharing. You at the time of screen sharing must ask the person with whom screen is shared to not to use the mouse. I think by this your problem will be solved.
  4. htmanning

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    This is DEFINITELY an issue when running a VM via screen sharing.

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