M1 Max Mac with PD18 and Windows 10x86?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by PaulC30, May 11, 2023.

  1. PaulC30

    PaulC30 Junior Member

    Can I use the latest Parallels Desktop 18.2 on my M1 Silicon Mac (Apple M1 Max), and install an older disk of Windows 10 x86 as a virtual OS?

    Or does the newer M1 Silicon Mac's not able to use original Windows 10 discs and installs?
    Am I only allowed to use a special version of Windows on M1 Silicon Mac's?

    I did want to use Windows XP but believe this has now been discontinued in PD18? But can my original Windows 10 disk be used?

  2. AzinS

    AzinS Member

    My understanding is the Win edition should be Arm based to work in apple silicon so the answer is no. I am interested to see what others say because i needed to have a win 10 64 bit on M1max and couldn't do it.
  3. Pavel Merkulov

    Pavel Merkulov Parallels Team


    Thank you for your feedback.

    Macs on M-series chips have ARM architecture.

    Accordingly, you can only create virtual machines on the ARM architecture.

    At the moment, Windows 11 ARM is officially supported.

    It is not possible to create virtual machines on the x86 architecture due to the difference in architectures.
  4. MichaelF53

    MichaelF53 Bit poster

    But why doesn't Parellels just offer an emulation mode? It IS possible and you have to pay a price (performance). I still have some old VMs that can't be converted to ARM mode that I need to run occasionally.

    This is just wrong:
    "Due to the different architectures, it is not possible to create virtual machines on the x86 architecture."

    Here we go:
  5. PaulC30

    PaulC30 Junior Member

    Thank you @MichaelF53!

    I've never seen this one before so interested to know how stable it is, especially on an M1 Max Macbook Pro.
    I only need XP really for a couple of older programs, so don't need the whole bells and whistles of Windows 11 and all its updates.

    Parallels 15 Desktop I think was the last one that supported XP properly.

    How easy is this to install? or does it need a lot of tweaks and software updates installing?
    And the stability?

    Thanks for any help
  6. MichaelF53

    MichaelF53 Bit poster

    The statement is definitely wrong. There is proof, that it IS possible with emulation.
  7. PaulC30

    PaulC30 Junior Member

    It does look like it is possible, but I'm just going by the Youtube videos, however a lot of users are saying how unstable it is?
    So is it a viable option? or do we just go with W11 and Parallels for everything to run smooth?

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