M2 Max macOS Sonoma 14.1 (both host and guest): can't login to Apple services

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by SohailA2, Nov 18, 2023.

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    Hardware: Mac Studio M2 Max (64GB RAM)
    Host OS: macOS Sonoma 14.1
    Guest OS: macOS Sonoma 14.1
    Parallels: Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition v.19 (bought NOV 18, 2023)

    To download apps from the Mac App Store, such as Xcode, I'm trying to sign in to the Mac App Store with my account. It doesn't work. Same issue with iCloud in the Settings app. I'm copy/pasting in from 1Password, so the contents are perfect.

    Apple refuses the login without a descriptive error.
    GPT-4 advised:
    "System Integrity Protection (SIP): In some cases, disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP) in the VM can resolve issues with signing into Apple services. However, be cautious with this step as it can affect the security of your VM."​

    Is this a known issue? How does anyone use a guest macOS VM to do development with if they cannot even install Xcode?
    Does anyone have this working successfully, perhaps with older versions of macOS as guest VMs? Should I try disabling SIP as per GPT-4?

    I couldn't find any mention of iCloud or the Mac App Store in the forum or tech notes. I'm hoping it's just me and I missed something.
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