Mac App Store won't sign in Monterey M1 VM

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Apple Silicon (M1) Mac' started by ScottN57, Jan 28, 2022.

  1. ScottN57

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    Hi all-
    I've created a Monterey VM on my M1 Mac mini from scratch and I can't sign into the App Store or iCloud. Same thing using UTM.
    Mac App Store Error: This Action Could Not Be Completed
    iCloud System Pref Error: Verification Failed. The action could not be completed.
    Is this a known issue for virtualized Monterey on Apple Silicon? I haven't found anything about it using Googlefu.

  2. BernardH

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    Yes this is, unfortunately, a known issue. The following link states:
    "it is currently not possible to adjust guest macOS screen resolution in real-time mode when resizing ratio; to change virtual machine amount of CPU and RAM or its hardware parameters (Device UUID and Serial number) and to register with Apple ID."
  3. oztrev

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    Argh, just bought Parallels 18 for Mac M1 and still -- 9 months later -- you cannot use your Apple ID. I thought this was supposed to be the M1 version?! I think I will have to seek a refund :(
  4. oztrev

    oztrev Bit Poster

    The refund route is just as broken as PD18 for M1:

    "Parallels Return Policy
    1. For copies purchased in the Parallels Online Store

    Within 30 days of your product download purchase, you may request a full refund, for any reason. You can submit your refund request to Cleverbridge, the order-processing partner of Parallels, using the link here. Automation allows you to get a refund quickly if all the requirements are met:
    • We cannot accept a return if more than 30 days have passed since your purchase.
    • Parallels cannot refund purchases made through other online stores. Please contact the online store directly for their refund policy."
    And of course when you try the provided link and fill in all the details, you are met with a screen saying that you cannot do this online but must provide a reason for the refund and contact customer support instead! Broken, broken, broken...

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