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    Opening an email attachment with suffix "doc" required me to reply to the question do you want to open WordPad for the first time and I replied yes. Parallels and Windows were opened automatically but then it hung up and had to be manually stopped. This resulted in changing my display permanently to all Mac desktops and window displays. Everything is bold and windows are glaring as if in direct sunlight and text is often hard to read.

    Have tried resetting resolution and displays in both the Mac preferences and in Windows and rebooted. No change - it always opens in the new display. Parallels opens and I can open my VM in WindowsXP even though lately I haven't had to log in to do so. For the most part it appears that everything runs but the display is distorted by the glare. Help!
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    could you please make a screenshot of that messed display and attach it to your reply here?
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    If you are using a MacBook Pro this might be a bug on the Mac. If the problem persists after rebooting try resetting your PRAM by holding down Command+Option+P+R when rebooting or turning on your computer. Be sure to do this while the screen is still black and not gray. I believe I had the same problem you have and it is documented on the Apple web site, though I can't recall the link.

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