MAC Excel Not Responding After VM Created

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by bob.petersen, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. bob.petersen

    bob.petersen Bit poster

    I was just able to get a Windows XP VM created and running on my MacBook Pro. I now have a problem with Excel operating in my Mac OS. When I open Excel I get the spinning beach ball whenever i click on anything in Excel and I can't work on the files. I have to Force Quit to get out. I've looked through the forum but haven't found this topic.
  2. constant

    constant Forum Maven

    That will definately be a problem with Excel. The reason you didn't find anything with search, is because it runs perfectly for everyone else. Re-installing Excel or office, should make it better.
  3. BlueSkyISdotCOM

    BlueSkyISdotCOM Member

    I agree. I run all Office apps alongside Parallels with no problems on Macbook Pro and Mac Pro.
  4. davide

    davide Member

    This is more likely a Rosetta issue than a Parallels issue. MS Office apps aren't universal binaries and have troubles occasionally. When a Rosetta app hangs, go to a terminal (in OS X) and enter:

    sudo killall translated

    And then your password.
  5. Purplish

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    At the risk of stating the obvious, how much memory do you have on your Mac Pro? The reason I ask is that I started out with 512MB on my iMAC and when I had iphoto, itunes, quicken, and Word all going at the same time, sometimes an application would just hang (this was before I installed Parallels). Or I could click on it in the dock and it would never load. When I put in 2GB of memory, this problem disappeared.

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