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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by MarkHolbrook, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. MarkHolbrook

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    Ok it's finally driven me crazy...

    How do I turn off the "feature" where Parallels has told Mac OS X that "certain" files should be opened using applications located within the VM under WinXP?


    Word documents (*.doc). Even though I have Word installed in MacOS it constantly wants to open them using the word installed in Parallels VM.

    I've figured out how to turn off the reverse behavior where it would try to open web pages clicked on in the WinXP VM email in Mac OS firefox...

    But how do I turn off the reverse?

  2. sandro

    sandro Parallels Developers

    try to open Finder select some .doc file and from context menu select item "Open with...->Other". Turn checkbox "Always open with" on, select necessary Mac OS Word application and apply settings
  3. johnv

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    Hello, MarkHolbrook!

    Please try to configure Smart Select or
    1)right-click the file
    2)choose Open With
    3)choose Other...
    3)select "Always open with" checkbox
    4)choose the desired application for that type of files

    This article is devoted to this issue.

    Best regards,
  4. MarkHolbrook

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    John, those 4 steps do not work for me. I'm on OS 10.4.10 running Parallels build 4560.

    I have an Excel spreadsheet on my desktop (mac) that I want to run ONLY using Excel for Mac. I have followed those steps NUMEROUS times and yet if I double click the spreadsheet it brings up the:

    "You are running this application for first time..."

    I have to cancel that and repeat the steps or open Excel for Mac and manually open it that way. It really sucks!

    The SmartSelect is a cool idea but the way it SHOULD be implemented is as follows:

    1) If an app document is opened and Parallels is NOT running the app should ALWAYS open with the native matching Mac application.
    2) If an app document is opened and Parallels is running then choices in the Parallels VM options should be checked to see if the user EVER wants to use those VM apps to open Mac files. If so then proceed otherwise use the Mac app.

    Each Parallels VM should have a set of options:

    a) Allow applications in this VM to open files on the Mac OS Y/N
    b) (if the above is checked) Prompt to use VM applications to open Mac files Y/N

    By having those two opens you cover all the bases. People can turn it off, it won't work when Parallels is not already running. And if they do want to use it they can either have it automatically use the VM apps or prompt.

  5. Yonas

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    Yeah. This issue is really pissing me off too! It screwed up all of my file associations.

    So thanks for that other article that explained to to make this go away.

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