Mac-Mac Emulation Support & Coherence Under Apple Silicon

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    I'm using Big Sur on Apple Silicon and playing around with the technical release of Parallels. Previously I used it with my i9 MBP before migrating to my MBA.

    One of my most loved features with Parallels is to emulate a 2nd session of Big Sur or a linux distribution, for the precise control over network exposure and VPN for isolation of my work from personal network interfaces. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this is my primary usage of Parallels.

    This coupled with coherence allows me to mix applications under the same "roof" while I'm developing. I'd love to see support for coherence (and support for Big Sur itself).

    I know Window ARM and Linux ARM support has gotten a lot of attention, but any idea when it will be possible to emulate Big Sur under Parallels?

    I'd prefer not to migrate away from OSXI host/ Parallels to a Windows host / VMWare solution :)
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