Mac Office files get associated with Win Office 2007

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by mhuntley, Jun 13, 2007.

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    In all honesty I'm really happy with the SmartSelect feature since it allows me to use OS X applications that beat their Windows counterparts (give me TextMate over NotePad any day of the week) and Windows applications when they are better (Office 2007 is better than the current Office:mac 2004). However, while some fine tuning seems to be necessary I do seem to have encountered a couple of issues:

    1. Windows Outlook 2007 seems to be opening all URLs in OS X Safari. Safari isn't even my default browser under OS X and I can't seem to find a way to set Outlook to use Internet Explorer 7 (not my favourite browser but necessary for our office network, unfortunately).

    2. Now that Office document files stored under OS X are associated with the Windows applications I don't have icons for these documents anymore. Is there a way to set icons under OS X for particular file types?
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    Mac .doc opens in VM


    Don't have that problem. .doc files on my mac side open in Mac Office and not in my VM with Office 2007. So either I'm lucky or smart select does not work in my configuration.

    Just to share...


    Macbook pro, core 2 duo 2.33, 3 gig ram, Parallels 4128, windows XP sp2 with Office 2007
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    Thanks I'm glad you got there first

    Having upgraded and really appreciating being able to run and integrate windows specific databases on my Mac, I nearly freaked when 16 years worth files suddenly defaulted to Office running in XP. All I did was reboot the machine! No permission request, no indication that it had happened, until I tried to open on. OK when I opened a folder all the icons had changed but I aged instantly. Now I know that it is there, being able to toggle batches for a particular piece of work, will be really useful. But a genuine thanks for and to the support forum, and those of you that pointed me to toggling in 'get info'.

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