Mac OS left in unbootable state after running Windows XP SP2 in Parallels 3.0

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by rws1000, Jul 12, 2007.

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    I have had my 2 MacBooks 2.16 GHz (with all 10.4 OS updates) and one MacPro 8-core left in an unbootable state after updating from version 2 of Parallels and then running Windows XP SP2 in Parallels 3. In each case, Windows XP will run successfully several times and install the Parallels Tools for Windows. But then when restarting the Mac OS - the OS never boots again. Either I receive the black box over gray background stating I must restart my computer, or the gray sprite below the apple icon just keep spinning indefinitely. This is not a Boot Camp install of Windows, it is just a virtual disk.

    I am forced to run Windows for work, and have consequently seen this issue several times now. Perhaps it has something to do with my specific install of Windows XP SP2, but it never had any problems with version 2 of Parallels for over 6 months.

    In each case I have restored my Mac OS install from hard drive backup disk images. I am left wondering whether or not I should continue using Parallels....
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    Have you tried an Option restart (hold Option while restarting or powering up) to see if there are boot options other than the Mac HDD -- or even if that option is shown?

    I saw something like this when first working with PD 3.0 and it turned out it was trying to boot from my CD, which apparently was set up like an ISO disk image.

    Look here for some of the boot options available.

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    No other startup disks or boot options when I use Option restart - unless I manually connect an external device before restarting. No CDs inserted, no usb devices, nada.

    I was forced to use Option restart to boot from a Mac OS install I have on a USB external drive - this is how I was able to restore my OS from a backup.
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    the fact missing is how much free space on the hard disks?

    I aim to keep aboput 20% empty on MAcintosh HD
    and on the VM there is about 30% free space
    I rushed out for a La Cie Firewire disk to keep all my images and clones on when my MacBook Pro started giving memory warnings

    Hugh W

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