Mac OS Ventura Guest - Can't Edit Config/MS Teams Video Artifacts

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by whistl034, Nov 19, 2022.

  1. whistl034

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    Yesterday I installed a MacOS guest on my Ventura M1 Mac, which started out fine. Then I discovered the first problem - Parallels won't let me view or edit the MacOS guest's configuration, like you can with Linux VMs. No way to turn on folder sharing, move the network interface from NAT to bridged, control disk space, anything.

    I went ahead and installed Microsoft Teams, which is the app I wanted to run in this VM. Or rather I started to install MS Teams. The windows of Teams had large blocks of blank white screen, and moving and clicking the mouse aorund inside them would sometimes reveal some of the text or input boxes.

    Through persistence, I was finally able to get Teams installed, and got signed in, but it just never finished starting up. It popped up a couple of blank boxes that refuse to respond. After an hour or so of poking around and searching online for solutions, I gave up and deleted the whole VM.

    I have had much better luck running Linux distros under Parallels, and will just stick with that going forward.

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