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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by rtamesis, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. brettw



    Hey! We've found common ground!!
  2. MarkHolbrook


    I realize this is in "wish lists" and that the majority of the people here are simply trying to help but frankly I could care less about the UI on Parallels at this point. I would much prefer they left it EXACTLY as it is until the thing was simply rock solid to the point where everything we beta testers can throw at it simply works and the last Kernel Panic seen was MONTHS ago.

    The UI they have provided is clean, functional and very easy to navigate within. I find it just fine for this stage of the software.

    As far as the UI being non-Mac like... well keep in mine the entire intent of the product is to allow you to run "non Mac" OSs. So why shouldn't the UI look just a little "non-Mac" like. (Just kidding... )

    But seriously Parallels, please keep up the hard work on the core of the product. I believe what you have given us UI wise is just fine.

  3. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    A load of horsepuckey. The above describes what you need to be a self-inflated pompous ass surrounding yourself with other self-inflated pompous asses.

    In order to be a mac owner you should want things to work, and keep working, look nice and be functional, and not be willing to settle for the junk other people call operating systems. In other words, be willing to accept that user experience does matter.

    My mac is, to me, the greatest system on earth, but I'd rather have sticks poked in my eyes than be around anything Ikea, people who describe themselves as beautiful, and anyone who determines for me what good food and drink are. Ditto for the arrogant. Self confidence is great. Typical arrogance deserves a beating.
  4. brettw



    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. I've incorporated some of your ideas and have updated and amended the list accordingly.

    TOP 15 Criteria for Owning and Operating an Apple Computer, also known as the "Horsepuckey" checklist for cool people.

    1. Intelligence - above average IQ (>110)
    2. A broadened mind (see other posts in this forum for help on attaining that)
    3. A very good income, upper 10th percentile at a minimum.
    4. Self confidence and enough arrogance to compel violent reactions from those of a lesser upbringing and lineage.
    5. An appreciation for all mediums of artistic expression.
    6. No requirements to run productivity applications. Leave that to the laborers.
    7. You can't drive a Chevy Nova or anything from Ford. A Mini Cooper is okay though. Porsche or Jaguar is best.
    8. You must own and listen to at least 10 CDs total of New Age or Ambient music (iTunes okay).
    9. A tolerance for things Ikea, beautiful people, good food and good drink.
    10. You can't live in Redmond, Washington.
    11. Generous pomposity and the ability to self inflate through one's own anus. Your family and friends must also possess these character qualities.
    12. A desire (but not outright expectation) for things to work and keep working.
    13. A overwhelming sense that things should always look nice and yet sometimes be functional.
    14. Intolerance for the junk other people call operating systems. Intolerance for those people is important as well.
    15. You can't live in Queensland, Australia.

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  5. tgrogan


    << brettw wrote: I really disagree on this point - Parallels did nothing unique to introduce a VM product for XP and Linux. >>

    And I believe this is the reason for most of the posts that want Mac specific things.

    << Expecting a Linux user base to pay for a product is blasphemy in the open source world (did you really pay for a Redhat or Linux support license?).>>

    I don't think you are clear on Open Source. It is about choices, and those choices include paying for good products - including distros like Xandros that cost ~$100. We have the freedom to buy what works and what suits our purposes. We get an OS that is bundeled with a lot of software that we don't need just like a mac or windoze consumer does.

    << Now that Parallels has introduced the first VM for OS X they stand to gain hundreds of thousands of PAYING users if their product can meet our standards for functionality and useability. >>

    Quoting large numbers is only useful if you can place them in the context of the total population, and justify how you might think that 100s of thousands bears any significance to the millions of windoze and Linux users. Are you promising that most of the few mac users are going to want or need to run windoze or Linux? Sorry but listening to the world of mac users only solidifies that they are totally uninterested in the inconvenience of using a different OS. As long as they get their same'ole expectations, they will use something - but outside of that rhelm there seems to be only derision.

    You point about XP users is equally off-base. VMware wouldn't be the large company it is, if that were true. That's only a reflection on the business market that they have focused on. Many of the home users have had enough of M$, and have shelled out $200 for their product. I think that the Paralles product's future is in converting windoze home users to Linux.

    In contrast from the posts by OSX people, there doesn't seem to be a real message about the usefullness of using another operating system that has so many flaws in contrast to OSX. I'm sure that Boot Camp is getting a more or less HoHumm attitude on the mac lists. "It's cute, but so what I've already got perfection in OSX."
  6. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    It sorrows me greatly that the good people of Japan are forced to endure such a bakka na gaijin. Let's only hope deportation is in the works.
  7. Richard Hunter

    Richard Hunter


    What are you talking about? Why would be post about how great Windows is in a WISH LIST forum on an OS VIRTUALIZATION site?

    Mac users everywhere are THRILLED that we can use windows now...

    NOT BECAUSE WE WANT TO... but because MANY of the TENS OF MILLIONS of us have either had to keep a separate PC for one or two business apps required of us, or been unable to convert our OFFICE PC's to MACS for compatibility reasons.

    We are ESTATIC... I know at my office... we have had 2 desktops ALREADY replaced with 20" iMacs because they can run windows... and there are literally plans for everyone who sees it to replace THEIR desktops with Macs.

    Now there is NO REASON to use anything OTHER than a Mac.

    Let's see:

    On a PC I can run All the WINDOWS and LINUX software I want... but none of the OS X Software.



    We rock :eek:
  8. rtamesis


    You forgot to mention...

    ...the fact that the Mac OS X interface is much more pleasant to work with than with Windows XP or with the various Linux desktop GUI incantations.:D
  9. tgrogan


    << On a PC I can run All the WINDOWS and LINUX software I want... but none of the OS X Software.>>

    You're assuming that there is a great demand from the 95%'rs to run Mac software. Except for a couple of industry specifc products, there just isn't anything there for the masses. But one of your cohorts has been very specific about the Mac community's lack of concern for the great 'unwashed' masses. The real suprising thing is that the self-proclaimed higher intellegence of the Mac community cannot find a way to get along without windoze or Linux. Is it that you are incapable of manipulating/influencing society and business to your perfect view of computing in spite of your perfect perceptions?
  10. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    Don't let one guy from the self-important club warp your view of mac owners. Most of us are human. Naturally there are going to be some snobs with their hands on the mighty mouse. I figure they are their own punishment.
  11. Godrifle


    Da Bomb

    Andrew and crew,

    You deserve every bit of success you're having and will have. What a fantastically positive, hard-working people you are.

    I know I speak on behalf of the Mac community when I shout "THANK YOU".

  12. brettw


    No, quite the opposite if you look at the facts. You'll easily find you've responded (well I'll be generous on that), or at least let your ignoramous mind loose, on numerous topics which seem to indicate that some opinions about OS X can manipulate the meeker minds (such as your own) and as well, if you examine the reaction of Parallels, will find that they too respond to the calling of a higher life form. So be it ... we have a "perfect perception" but its you that has to deal with the opposing (yet more intelligent and refined) ideals of computing and not us.....

  13. brettw


    So I guess the quotes in this fellow's blog at , which refer to "100,000" <users in the OS X beta trial> bear no signifigance to your own 95% frustration that OS X and Parallels have met a happy crossroads and share a Happy Mac karma ? And perhaps millions of non paying Windows and Linux users get trumped by intelligent, afflluent, (and may I add attractive) OS X/Mac users.
  14. Scott Willsey

    Scott Willsey

    Get over yourself. It's idiots like you that kept me from going back to the mac for so long. At least the linux snobs think they are superior because of their OS of choice. You think you are superior just because you managed to be squeezed out of some cursed woman's birth canal and you are apparently convinced that the worms that will be feasting on your lovely corpse someday are going to be enamored of your great looks. Yeah, I'm sure they will. :D You just keep telling yourself how lucky the world is to have you. Meanwhile, the rest of us will get stuff done while you primp and posture. :rolleyes:

    Now screw off and please let this forum get back to what it's here for, which is NOT YOU.
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  15. amnicholls


    I'm assuming a parallels icon in the system preferences is the order of the day? This could be the place where you create the settings for all the VMS, ie. choose one from a list and view the settings.

    You would still launch the application and it picks up the settings in sys prefs.

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