Mac OS X Yosemite - Install on Parallels 9

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    I guess we have to buy Parallels Desktop 10 for Yosemite as Guest-OS .....
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    Come on parallels, can you at least issue a statement on this problem?
    Many people are waiting for this.
    Are you gonna fix it? (when) will it be fixed?

    As said before: this is the reason why VM-software exists
  3. PD_usr



    Parallels Desktop 10 is in Beta status now and can run Yosemite as Guest-OS. Parallels Desktop 10 will probably released as final product early September like the Versions 6 to 9 in recent years.
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  4. The Patcher

    The Patcher

  5. The Patcher

    The Patcher

    KB update:
    Now they mention the public beta, but there are known issues described here

    Still no updates of the software itself, so how do these updated KB articles helps me?
    I'm still experiencing " OS X 10.10 virtual machine hangs with black screen on boot after initialization guest Mac OS X upgrade"
    This issue is described in the forums here and this is not a really helpful hint "NOTE: If you experience one of these issues please contact Parallels Support team:"
  6. The Patcher

    The Patcher

  7. StarFlyr


    I don't pretend to be an expert on Yosemite or Parallels, but I did get in on the first usage of Yosemite Beta. When I installed it, I couldn't get Parallels Eight to work with it. So I bought Parallels 9 and together, they worked great. Yosemite seem to have more "pop" and Windows also seemed to work faster. (I should note that I'm using Windows 7) and won't be buying Windows 8 until Windows 7 won't run. I was very happy with my system UNTIL i screwed the pooch.

    After running Yosemite for about 4 weeks or more, I noticed an update in my Apps folder. I think it was called "OS X 10.10 Developer Preview", dated June 3rd. I was well past that date on updates, but I thought I should install it anyway. Instead, it blew up my Yosemite system to the point where my computer would not boot. After trying many options to restore, I took the computer to the Apple store where they reinstalled Mavericks.

    So, I"m still back in Mavericks, now waiting for the new Yosemite to come out. I haven't been able to figure out how to reload the Beta, but with the short time until Yosemite officially appears, I'm good. When it does come out, I very much doubt I'll be buying Parallels 10.
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    I'm afraid I'm finally joining that camp. I loved Parallels because it made problems go away. I'm happy to pay for that. $50 a year is a bargain in that case. I haven't needed Windows for a while so I only recently (very recently) purchased and reinstalled Parallels 9. Parallels 9 is far buggier than older versions. Parallels Tools will not reliably install or uninstall. Parallels fails on currently shipping versions of OS X. I have to go hack things up on the command line to make things work. I don't see the logic in paying a yearly fee for that.
  9. Gardnerv


    The silence is so very sad. Remember when Parallels was engaged and their support team engaged their customers? Now the support forum seems to go through a marketing filter to be sure its pushing upgrades.

    My only use case to run a OSX guest under Parallels is to test OSX during the beta period, so that my software is available when OSX Yosemite ships.

    I'm trying to think of other reasons why someone would run a mac guest under a mac OS, but certainly the primary use case is to run the beta before release. For now, I repartitioned my disk and dual boot. A borderline workable solution, but short of buying hardware, the only one available to me.

    I'd love to keep supporting parallels, its by far the product I want to support, but making me pay 50 dollars, and only working after my need for it is up makes it seem like the decision makers in Parallel now don't funamentally understand the use case of supporting OSX as a guest.

    That the product is marketed exclusively as a way to run Windows on Mac makes me question that Parallels even cares about the OSX as guest feature at all.

    Id love to see a statement from Parallels about this, but if those of us wanting to run OSX in a VM aren't worth the few seconds to engage with those on this thread, then why should I be spending money here?
  10. Adam Nagy

    Adam Nagy

    Any update?

    Any update on this?
  11. Abdul@Parallels

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    Hi All,

    Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
    Please refer to
    Please check for Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac updates and get the latest build 9.0.24251
  12. After Hours

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    Thanks for the note. This thread is actually for running OS 10.10 as a VM in Parallels 9 on an earlier OSX version. E.g., I have a MBP running 10.7. I can't upgrade due to some Filemaker limitations for clients I support, 'though my machine is perfectly capable of running 10.10. I use Parallels for Windows environments to troubleshoot or demonstration (and it's kind of cool to whip out a Mac to show folks how to use their Windows or mixed environments). I also use Parallels for troubleshooting an OSXS 10.6 environment, a server. And I have 10.8 and 10.9 as VMs for client education on this box, too.

    As stated before, I cannot upgrade due to Filemaker solutions that must stay at v11. So I make due. But I would LOVE to run 10.10 on this machine, even though it is easy enough to spend $50 on an external hard drive and run OSX 10.10 on that.

    As a matter of convenience, if Parallels 10 will run 10.10 as a VM in my OS 10.7 world, I'll probably spend that $50 on you.

    Just writing this so you can be sure you understand what this thread is about.



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