Mac OSX Update 10.4.10

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  1. fso

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    Hi All

    Saw the above update today - just wondering whether anybody has installed the update and is there any conflict with Parallels v3.

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  2. JDub

    JDub Member

    No, all seems good...
  3. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    If you are owner of PD 3.0, it is safe to upgrade to 10.4.10 now. We are not aware of any compatibility issues.
  4. driver8

    driver8 Bit poster

    And what of PD 2.5? I got this message when trying at attach ANY USB device:
    USB device you are trying to connect to the virtual machine is being used by another application. Close that application or unplug the device and plug it again. Then try to connect the device again.
    It appears that some combination of Build 3212 and 10.4.10 has made my virtual machine hostile. And ideas?

  5. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    If you are a happy owner of PD 2.5 (both builds 3188 and 3212), it is not recommended to update to 10.4.10 now if your production environment relies on USB support in PD. There’s a known compatibility problem with Parallels Desktop build 3188 and 3212 USB implementation and Mac OS X 10.4.10. We are issuing and update for 2.5 within next two days that fixes the compatibility problem
  6. driver8

    driver8 Bit poster

    Youch! Thanks.
  7. JDub

    JDub Member

    Well, I've just had a nasty reset while using the Nokia software updater with v3.0. The VM restarted halfway through the update cycle and has now bricked my N95. Everything was going so smoothly before.

    I now have to see how to get it repaired!
  8. lozano

    lozano Junior Member

    Coherence problems with PD 3 & 10.4.10

    Well I had problems going into coherence mode after the 10.4.10 install (would receive a "out of video memory, unable to set guest OS screen resolution" error). Full-screen and os-window modes both continued to work fine.

    Tried increasing video memory to 24 Mb (per the error msg), no help.

    Re-installed parallels tools, that fixed the problem. Reduced video memory back to the original 16 Mb, coherence still worked fine, so all was good.

    Btw my config is mbpro, core2 (1st one), 3 gb ram, parallels 3 build 4128, windows xp pro sp2. PD is set to consume 1 gb, auto-preallocate virtual memory.
  9. Leonard

    Leonard Member

    I tried reinstalling Parallels Tools, but I am still not able to get Cohence to allow VM apps to move to an attached external monitor, they stay on the primary (MBP LCD) instead. OS Window goes right to the external monitor without incident.

    I opened a thread on this here. Was definitely working as expected (able to move Coherence VM app windows to either monitor at will) Tuesday before I updated.
  10. Waiken

    Waiken Bit poster

    USB Devices?

    Dear Moderator,

    you are issuing and update for 2.5 within next two days that fixes the compatibility problem....also for the german parallels version???

    Or must we wait longer for the fixes?


  11. unfletch

    unfletch Bit poster

    Shared Networking

    The OS X 10.4.10 update broke shared networking for myself and at least one other person. Reinstalling PD 3.0 (without first uninstalling) fixed it.

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