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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by bazcurtis, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. bazcurtis

    bazcurtis Junior Member


    I have just purchased a Mac Pro that will have 5gb of ram. In the announcement today, it mentions up to 3.5gb of ram. Does this mean I won't be able to run Pararrels on this machine or just with this build?

    Best wishes and great work.

  2. David Watson

    David Watson Junior Member

    I'm still waiting for my Mac Pro as well, which will have 5GB once it gets here and I install the extra RAM.

    I'm guessing you may be able to adjust your settings so MacOS will only let you use 3.5 GB of RAM with this command:

    sudo nvram boot-args="maxmem=3584"

    But as I don't have my machine yet, that may not actually work.
  3. otterboy

    otterboy Bit poster

    Hey Michael:

    I have 5GB of ram in mine and the minute I start a VM, I get a kernel panic. So I wouldn't use this build if I were you!
  4. geordisjd

    geordisjd Member

    4 GB and plenty of panic

    I can't create a VM, before or after the upgrading. I either get a freeze or a kernel panic, even after adjusting the maxmem to lower values in the terminal. I've spent hours trying to make it work. I'm giving up.
  5. majortom

    majortom Member

    3,5 Gbyte should be an OS X limit as quantity of memory that can be assigned to a single app. This should be by-passed in Leopard and should not be a problem for PD. It's of course a bug. You should at least be able to launch PD and asign then no more than 3,5 Gbytes under 10.4 but, I repeat, it should not compromise the start ip of Parallels. Therefore I presume it's a bug they'r surely working on.
  6. fhx1274

    fhx1274 Bit poster

    Well I do have 5GB of Ram, and yes you do have to limit the amount of ram seen by the os using the boot-args trick to 3500MB.
    With the full 5GB available, Parallels kindly tells you to set maxmem to 4000 when you try to launch a VM.
    But even this doesn't work : you really have to set it to about 3500. Bummer!

    Now even with that, build 1884 is not flawless..; I've had the "vt-x locked by firmware" issue a couple of time since I upgraded to this build (not once before) and I just had a kernel panic when rebooting the guest os...

    Hope they will stop trying to get Vista running and focus on the big issue at hand... Vista is still in RC so who cares ?? But there will be more and more people having Mac Pro right now.
  7. joem

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    Huh??? If I bought 16 GB of ram, I'd want my video editor to be able to use it all. The memory limit for an app should be whatever it requests or the maximum available physical memory, whichever is less, and the rest, if the app wants more, should be virtual memory. The limit should be address space or available resources, whichever is lower.

    Software should be written to deal with whatever resources can be available. The memory limitation requirement is the bug.
  8. andgarden

    andgarden Member

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple not waiting for EM64T to release Intel based Macs.

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