Mac won't shut down

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by EDPvideo, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. VoiceMD

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    I have the same problem too. Where is Parallels with a solution?
    What was the Kaspersky program removal instruction?
  2. Dashpilot

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    There is a un-install option in Parallels drop down menu. I used MacKeeper Smart Uninstaller to completely remove the program. Since removing the program, I have had no issues with restart or shut-down of my iMac.

    I am not sure if this issue has been resolved in Parallels 8. I have done the upgrade to 8 but have elected to not install Kaspersky.
  3. phopper1969

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    Dashpilot, (and everyone else in the thread),

    Thanks for posting all of these comments. I bought my MacBook Pro 17'' back in December last year (2011). Being a new user to Apple I bought Parallels 7 to be on the safe side. Turns out the transition to PC was a lot easier than I imagined and I almost never use Parallels now. Yet I don't want to get rid of it just yet because I like to have options. Having said all that I'm happy to report that removing Kaspersky finally did the trick. I can now shut down, restart as I should have been able to do from day one. To think of all the damage I may have done to my HD from doing a force shut down because I got fed-up of watching a grey screen with a bloody cog wheel spinning forever!! Parallels better get its (insert expletive here) together because this problem is serious. How many times have I had to reset my pram or deleted other programs until I finally found this thread. And to think that I was promoting Parallels to other people.....
    Again thanks to all the people on this thread for taking the time to post. I wouldn't be surprised if customer service never responds to this.
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  4. Dashpilot

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    I am also surprised that there has not been a solution provided by Parallels thus far. It is a great program that works well most of the time. I am glad I stumbled on the fix to the problem. I was about to take the entire parallels program off my Mac.
  5. skirk08

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    No Kaspersky

    So I don't have Kaspersky installed... never have (clean install). I'm still hanging on reboot. Booting in verbose mode confirms that it's the com.parallels.desktop.launcherdaemon that is causing the issue. I have the most recent Parallels 7 update. Thinking about upgrading to 8 just to resolve this crap, but don't want to feel forced into spending $50.

    Anyone out there that was having this issue in Parallels 6/7? Have since upgraded to 8, and no longer having the reboot issue? Thanks.
  6. skirk08

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    Uninstalled Parallels 7 completely. Downloaded and installed Parallels 8 trial from website. No reboot issues whatsoever. Gone. Rebooting in verbose displays no com.parallels.desktop.launcherdameon errors.

    Unflippin believable. Parallels 7 is ML compatible my ass. What a scam. They force you to upgrade to Parallels 8 to get rid of this obvious bug that has been ignored for months in this thread.

    I'm going to be perusing other VM software. No thank you Parallels.
  7. cvvmax

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    I want to bump this thread since there is a related "Bug" in Parallels Desktop 10 running Windows XP and OSX Mavericks (10.9.5)...

    I purchased and installed Parallels Desktop 10 four days ago and then upgraded to OSX Mavericks (10.9.5) from Parallels Desktop 7 and OSX Mountain Lion...where everything was working fine...

    And everything is working fine on the two upgrades, EXCEPT on OSX Shutdown, where I get the following Error Message;

    The application Parallels Desktop canceled shut down.
    To try shutting down again, quit Parallels Desktop and click Try Again.
    Cancel Try Again

    I called Parallels Support and spent 5 hours with a Level 1 tech and after doing reinstalls of Parallels Desktop 10, fixing ACL permissions, password, no avail, my Ticket was passed on to Level 2 for further support or so I was told by Level 1...

    An hour later, I get a "Form" type of email, informing me that my Ticket has been passed on to Parallels Development for future consideration for a possible fix...

    Now, when I was with Level 1, he told me that Parallels Desktop 10 (Build 27712), the latest Build, was made because the OSX shutdown was one of the issues that the previous version had and he didn't know why, it did not fix my issue...I don't know why...Parallels Development Team are the ones to ask, they made the upgrade...

    Just wanted to pass on this latest info...
  8. Dylan_Warren

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    Another Parallels 10 user who is having a shut down problem. Sounds identical to the iterations above. If i am patient enough (15 minutes) Parallels will shut down Windows, but the Application will never fully close once opened. Clean install, very powerful hardware - I think this is a major bug that the Parallels team needs to address.

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