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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by srkerd, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. srkerd


    I currently own a Macbook Core Duo 2.0ghz 2gb ram (the first black ones) and I am running Parallels VM with Vista Bootcamp (1gb give to VM) however I am having problems with performance. I believe because of the ram. My available ram drops to 25mb when I am running.

    I am looking into buying a new mac however I can't decide between a macbook pro or macbook. I don't run graphic intensive programs but I do need to use parallels all days long at work.

    I am hoping a new macbook with 4gb ram should solve the problems I am having but do you think macbook pro will have any advantages for me in my case.

    I really prefer the smaller and cheaper macbook...
  2. alexg

    alexg Parallels Developers


    Try to set 512 Mb RAM for your Windows Vista Bootcamp in VM configuration.

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  3. srkerd


    Thanks Alexander. That seems to help. I thought that was too little for Vista.

    If I buy a new macbook with 4gb memory will this be the setting I will have to use also?

    And do you have a comment on which mac to buy as far as parallels performance. With a similar CPU and memory configuration would there be a performance difference between these laptops for office use.... (outlook, MS Project, and general office applications)



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