macOS Sierra as guest: no integration into host environment?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by ChristianS20, Nov 19, 2017.

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    I just set up a VM running macOS Sierra, on a macOS Sierra host (so that after upgrading the host to High Sierra, I can still run 32Bit apps in the VM).

    But macOS as guest seems to miss most of the features i have with my other VMs (Windows 10, Ubuntu 14 LTS): there is no way to open files and links in the host OS, there is no option to start the machine in Coherence (though starting it 'like the last time' works just fine, so why is that option missing?) and worst of all: when I switch to Coherence, I have 2 Docks, with the host's Dock not showing any apps on the guest system.

    Is this normal behaviour? Or is there something wrong with the VM or my configuration? And if it's normal: are there any "hacks" or manual tweaks to the machine's configuration file to fix that?

    And completely unrelated: I have no use for all those preinstalled apps on the machine. But macOS doesn't allow me to delete them. Booting into Recovery (to delete them from there) doesn't seem to work and Parallels Mounter doesn't show anything but the Library and System folders. Any suggestions, how to achieve this?
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    Thanks your reply. Though , it doesn't really answer my question: should there normally be integration of macOS as a guest into macOS as a host, like with the other guest OSes (shared profile, shared applications (apearing in the host's dock), options to use the host's apps for email, web, ... instead of the guest's ones)?

    I can switch to Coherence when the VM is running, I just can't set it as default view for when the machine is started. And then there is the problem with there being two docks at the bottom of my screen and a second menubar being displayed below the host's one. That's not quite what I consider 'supported as guest Operating System' o_O.

    As for the link you posted: I don't remember ever being asked to allow the Parallels kernel extensions. But since I'm still on Sierra as the guest OS, I think that is normal behavior? Anyway there are a bunch of files named prl_*.kext in /Library/Extensions and there's nothing in the logs about anything being blocked.
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    ChristianS20, the set of integration features for different OS types is different. Windows guest has more integration features than Linux and mac OS. Coherence is supported in macOS guest.

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