macOS Ventura: Mouse pointer does not reappear when leaving Parallels window

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Nick41, Nov 9, 2022.

  1. Nick41

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    I recently upgraded to MacOS Ventura and I'm having a very annoying problem.

    I have a Windows guest running in Parallels Desktop 17.
    I have a 3 monitor setup for my laptop, with my VM maximized on one of my external monitors. (Not "Full screen" mode, I can still see the menu bar)

    The Mac mouse pointer is black, the Windows mouse pointer is white (this is the default on both systems).
    When I click into the Windows guest, the black pointer disappears and I see the white Windows pointer instead. This is fine.
    However, when my mouse leaves the host window and moves onto my other monitors, the black Mac mouse pointer does not reappear until I click something. So I have an invisible mouse pointer until I click (which can be dangerous if I click on the wrong thing).

    This happens consistently, and started with the upgrade to MacOS Ventura.
    I reinstalled Parallels Tools and restarted Parallels. The problem persists.

    Ideally I could fix this problem.
    Alternatively, is there a way to always keep the black Mac cursor visible? I don't need 100% precision in my Windows guest, so I would be happy if the Mac cursor never disappeared. However, I do like the automatic mouse capture in general.

  2. Nick41

    Nick41 Bit poster

    Found a fix!
    navigate to `Boot Order -> Advanced Settings` and type `devices.usb.mouse=0` in the text field under 'Boot flags'

    it results in a bigger, uglier mouse pointer in my Windows host but I'm fine with that.

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