Main screen goes black when going full screen with second display (Debian, Fedora)

Discussion in 'Linux Virtual Machine' started by Ali28, Jan 10, 2023.

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    Hi, I am using Parallels Desktop 18 on Apple M1 Pro with Monterey 12.3.
    I have created Debian GNU Linux 11.3 ARM (5.10.0-15-arm64) and Fedora 36 ARM64 (5.10.0-15-arm64) offered by Parallels by default.
    I have also created Debian (5.10.0-20-arm64) manually.
    All the three machines have the same problem: upon entering Full Screen mode with second display attached the main display goes totally black (only mouse cursor visible), while the second screen works fine. (reported to support)
    Both Fedora and Debian use X11.
    The only Linux that worked fine with two screens was Ubuntu 22.04 ARM64 offered by Parallels 18 by default. It uses X11 as well.
    I tried configuring Ubuntu 22.04 myself on another VM, it turned out to be using Wayland. Also worked with two screens but sometimes when going back from Full Screen produced error in /usr/bin/prlcp
    Do Fedora and Debian work well with two screen for somebody?

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