Major display issue in v18

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by JerryG, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. JerryG

    JerryG Member

    I use a program that displays images in a window within a larger window. The file that is loaded into this window can contain 1 or more images. While the overall window displays correctly, the images in the smaller window within the larger window no longer display in v18.

    The smaller window that actually displays the image will have scroll bars if there are more than 1 image in the loaded file. With v18, the presence or absence of the scroll bars is correct so that window is receiving some information from the file regarding how many images are there. But the actual images won't display.

    In v17, I have to select the scaling display mode, otherwise the program will not be displayed correctly. In v18, I noted that if I change the display mode to Retina, the images are displayed but the entire layout of the large window is distorted and can't be used. So I have no choice but to use scaled mode.

    This issue occurs on both my computers, an iMac 27" Intel machine with a retina display and a new MacStudio M1 Ultra machine with the new Apple 27" Retina display.

    I've had to reinstall v17 to be able to work, so I cannot do any more testing.

    I've had to live with the USB bugs in v17 with my Phillips Speech Mike, which apparently have been fixed in v18.
    I'm incredibly disappointed in this major bug which makes v18 completely unusable for me.

    And I can't submit any debugging data as I no longer have v18 installed.
  2. ThierryP2

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    I don't see how the guys at Parallels could make any use of this report. Are you running a Windows 10 or 11 VM ? Which application is this about ? Coherence mode used or not ? ...
  3. JerryG

    JerryG Member

    I'm running Windows 11. Not using coherence. The application is a proprietary medical app not available to the public and is governed by HIPAA. The issue was not present in Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows 11 when using Parallels v17 on an Apple M1 or Intel machine. The display issue only appeared with v18 of Parallels. I have been in contact with tech support. The main purpose of this post was to see if anyone else had display issues. Thanks for your inquiry.
  4. serv

    serv Forum Maven

    Try this:
    - Shut down Windows.
    - Open VM configuration, switch to Hardware tab and select Boot Order.
    - Expand Advanced settings and type in "video.dx_profile=13" without quotes.
  5. JerryG

    JerryG Member

    serv, thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

    Tech support had previously had me try"video.gl3=2" and that also didn't work.
    I really hope you folks can come up with a fix. I don't want to face the choice of having to switch back to VMWare when Parallels had been working well (other than the USB issues).
  6. Aydaskhan Asochakov

    Aydaskhan Asochakov Staff Member

    Greetings Jerry, we are sorry for the delay.
    Please check your inbox. We've sent you additional steps for troubleshooting.
    Follow the steps in message and let us know the results with technical report in a reply message via email.
  7. JerryG

    JerryG Member

    This problem was finally fixed in version 18.0.3. Then came 18.1 and the fix was broken.

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