Major issues with alt lag, when mapping from cmd

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by AlessandroP10, Apr 23, 2020.

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    Hi - I'm experiencing a major issue where Excel and Powerpoint are essentially unusable as ALT lags significantly in parallels, therefore making accelerator key functionality not work properly. Essentially, the lag means that when I enter a key shortcut quickly, ALT won't register and I'll just get a bunch of text in an Excel cell instead, for example.

    I have already tried turning on "optimize my keyboard for games" and that did not work. I'll also note that if I have ALT mapped from ALT instead of CMD (which is not a good fix, because it conflicts with other shortcuts I use), then ALT works normally as an accelerator key trigger.

    Any suggestions here would be much appreciated. I know I am not the only user having this issue, and it's pretty major given the only reason I got parallels was to use Excel and Powerpoint the fast way I'm used to, but on a Mac.

    Thanks! Let me know if I can clarify any of the above.

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