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    Hello! I'm working in Belarus (but I think, that the situation described here is actual for many countries). So, many our banks, tax office, statistic office and etc run on software requiring usb keys and crypto software (simple enough programs). The problem is: this crypto programs and USB-keys works just on Windows! And many of them needs IExplorer (is absent in 11 Win... oops... here is the second problem). Our banks, tax office, statistic office are not in a hurry to solve this problems at all. So, for business in our (and not just in our) country (especially for Mac users) it's necessary to by (1) Parallels, (2) Windows 9 or 10 or... Win11 with (?) IE (?) just for this stupid (sorry) key. About 400 USD... Is it possible to make a feature which solve this problem in an easier way?
    Thank You!

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