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  1. JohanN1

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    I would really like if you could make a difference between the left and right Alt-keys when mapping keys. In Swedish keyboard layout you must use the right Alt-key to typ [] {} | \ and some other chars common in programming. I prefer the the OSX-way of doing them, but can't map them in Parallels because it sends a left Alt-key instead of right.
  2. HenrikN

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    I have same issue on a danish keyboard layout. My preference is the Windows keyboard layout. You may be able to map the macOS alt key to the Windows AltGr key. That setup allowed me to type the @|{}[]\ keys at all! But then again I'd rather use the Windows layout (motor memory?).
  3. David32

    David32 Bit Poster

    Also the right command key.
  4. TimmyL1

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    This was really annoying, but I've found a functional fix for this.
    From your VM preferences (CMD+,), go to Shortcuts and then select your virtual machine. From there you can add new shortcut mappings. Simply click on the plus-sign and in 'From:', type 8 and click-select Shift and Alt. Similarly in 'To:', type 8 and click-select Shitft, Ctrl and Alt.

    Screen Shot - Map Curly Brackets.png
  5. ColinL3

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    Hi Timmy - can you elaborate on this solution?
    We have friends encountering issues with German and French keyboards where option/alt function is unreliable.
    Where did you figure out the keystrokes differences?

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