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    @mcgroarty, yes, please accept my apologies, you are correct. In Parallels Desktop 17, we have reworked our keyboard remapping code, so you can now add a remap record that didn't work before (see Map AltGr to Option key.jpg ) to enable the left Alt key to act as AltGr key in Windows so that you can use the left Option+keystroke combination for entering accented symbols exactly the same way as you do it on macOS. Make sure that you have a Parallels keyboard added in Windows. These layouts are marked as "(Apple) - Parallels" and being added default when installing a new Windows VM ( AND if corresponding layouts are added on macOS). To add this keyboard manually, navigate to Language options, and click "Add a keyboard" under the "Keyboards" section.

    I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Please let me know if you can now get the desired keyboard behavior in Parallels Desktop 17 with this improvement I described.

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