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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by westdaz, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. westdaz


    After installing Parallels 3.0, my mapped drives keep dropping. Is this a known bug?
  2. Ankou

    Ankou Guest


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  3. westdaz


    MacBook Pro
    2 Ghz Duo Core Intel
    2 Gig Memory
    Running Win XP Sp2
    Mapping drive to Windows 2000 server . \\servername\drive
  4. nycruza


    If you are trying to map directly, I might suggest another approach.

    First SHARE the drives using the Parallels Configuration manager.

    Now map the shared drive.

    I found this the easiest and best way and it avoids any USB connection problems.

  5. westdaz


    I am using Win XP, running on my Macbook Pro, under Parallels. I map a Drive to a local Windows 2000 server using \\servername\drive. It works for a while, then the next time i want to use it, it has dropped. Have to redo the mapping.
    Not trying to use a USB connection. Before on Parallels 3188, using the same procedure, it didn't drop this mapping .
  6. Reed



    I have a customer who I support who is having a similar problem. They have some Dells with XP SP2 and they have the Mac 17" Intel Core 2 Duo running Parallels (latest version of 2.x and then upgraded them to 3.0 as well -- it happens in both.)

    The difference to westdaz description, is that I am sharing a folder on the Intel iMac and two "real" PC's have that folder "mapped" as their W drive. The "real" PC's are able to map the drive, but shortly after getting the map it drops, or receives a "red X" through its icon, suggesting it is disconnected. If you click on it, sometimes it mounts, sometimes it throws an error dialogue box indicating the drive is unreachable.

    To regression test this, I removed the map, but made a shortcut to the shared folder. That allows the "real PC" to form the connection.

    The application that needs the share is a shared database application. You launch the app on the "real PC" and it reads the data on the shared drive (remember, on the Intel iMac running parallels with XP, sharing the folder.)

    So the app launches, sees the drive map, finds the datafiles, and is happy. BUT, it is happy for about 2 or 3 minutes, and then the app throws an internal error dialogue at you, and essentially the app hangs and you cannot continue to run the app.

    so, i have a customer who used to do this on their "real PC" installation, and they are pretty upset it is not working on the "switcher" setup they are migrating to. Anyone else on this bleeding edge yet?


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