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    So we are migrating from an old metaframe 4 environment and need to publish all the apps currently published on that farm to our new remote application server farm.

    I know the tool the is available is only good for xenapp servers so I found a script that let me create an excel spreadsheet of all the applications published with the application name, path, security groups etc listed.

    I am looking for either a tool or a power shell script that would let me publish applications from this list if such a thing exists as otherwise I am going to have to figure out how to publish almost 1900 applications by hand.

    Thanks for the suggestions and help in advance!
  2. Eugene. K.

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    you can use Powershell to do that. There is no script for your particular case, but I'm sure you should be able to create it on your own using the following commands:
    to configure secure groups for each application use:
    more here:

    and here is a good explanation on how to go through your xls (save it to csv first) from powershell:
    you can go through every row in the csv and create + configure each app from your list one by one.
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