May 2020 Windows update problems

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by RogerH6, May 21, 2020.

  1. RogerH6

    RogerH6 Kilo Poster

    Is anyone else seeing issues since this update?.
    I'm seeing video oddities. For instance just pulled out the start menu, and it came out empty black. then the icons appeared as I ran the cursor over it.
    I've had white empty explorer windows, and black screens. All with varying degrees of erraticness.
    After the screen went completely black, I've just rebooted, and it has started working again.

    Was all pretty OK on the last release.

    On the current Parallels release. 15.1.4(47270).
    Check for updates says I have the latest software.
    Have reinstalled the tools.

    I'm also seeing the clipboard behaving erratically, and sound has gone massively downhill.
    Have one VM, that I haven't let upgrade, and this runs without the issues.
    Have a second Mac, also with Parallels, and this is displaying similar problems though slightly less badly.
    That is a i9, the main machine a Xeon with Vega64.
  2. RogerH6

    RogerH6 Kilo Poster

    A quick update. I just discovered something else. I'm running the VM to 'fill' an external 27" FineView monitor. If I reduce the size of the window a tiny bit (I dragged the bottom edge up 5mm), it all starts working OK!...
  3. RogerH6

    RogerH6 Kilo Poster

    After a bit of fiddling around with Parallels support, have set the VM to 'scaled', and reduced the UI resolution in the Mac OS.
    This makes it then work.
    It looks as if the virtual screen driver 'hiccups' if trying to handle more than perhaps 10MB/screen (so perhaps 3 to 4M pixels).
    Something in the latest update has made this worse (perhaps Microsoft have actually improved the optimisation a little so the updates push things a bit more).
    A fault with the VM driver, but reduce the working resolution and it at least becomes useable....
  4. pmconaway

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    RogerH6, doesn't Parallels usually update their software when Major Windows system updates occur. I would expect to see something soon. I hope.
  5. RogerH6

    RogerH6 Kilo Poster

    We can hope.
    It can actually cause the VM to completely crash. I had to use the high resolution again, and in the middle of a major operation it completely crashed.
    Crossing things...

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