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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by daj, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. daj

    daj Member

    I've got 1Gb memory in my MacBook Pro.

    When I run VM I give it 512Mb which is a reasonable amount for WinXP. However, once VM loads, I end up with on 10Mb free of memory on OSX.

    What should I do?

    Upgrade to 2Gb?
    Reduce the memory I give XP?


  2. hussainahm

    hussainahm Member

    that's weird ending up with 10mb free !

    settings Windows with 256mb should be enough and would run smoothly
  3. tacit_one

    tacit_one Pro

    Could you please provide some more info on that.
    What process eates too much of ROM ?
    Do you really "feel" the lack of mem or it is just what does some tool show you ?
  4. kaufman

    kaufman Member

    Have you tried setting up the preference as to the size of the "Reserved Memory LImit". I think it defaults to 1GB.
  5. daj

    daj Member

    I attach three screen shots.

    I reboot the Mac to get a clean startup. Screen1 shows memory usage before I load VM.

    Screen 2 is after I load VM, but before I start the guest OS (XP)

    Screen3 is the memory status after I run the guest OS -- showing 12Mb free!

    VM runs well, but OSX apps are slow while VM is running (I'm guessing due to the lack of memory)

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  6. RandyS

    RandyS Member

    You should be aware that for practical purposes, the Inactive memory is just as available as the Free memory. Inactive memory is not used by any application but contains contents of known disk addresses (i.e., specific blocks from specific files). In the event that one of those file blocks are needed, no disk I/O is required, the pertinent Inactive block is just recategorized active and / or used to supply whatever need presented itself. Furthermore, when there is no more Free memory and an application needs a new block (to grow, e.g.), then an Inactive block can be taken and assigned to the process that needs it (after noting that it no longer contains the disk block it had been holding).

    Clever, eh?

    Randall Schulz
  7. tomax7

    tomax7 Junior Member

    Hi, I've just loaded Beta4 and notice a bit of a slow down in running OSX in the background, but this could be do to installing XP from the CD, will check once the unit is running.

    I did however notice during install if I clicked to view full screen during install the time, Airport, and volume control items (top right/OSX status bar) dissappears and I get a small black looking chevron, or "less than" symbol showing there. When I click out of B4 back into OSX the time and other items show again.

    Running Mac Mini Duo 512.

    Great program, wife was wondering if her adstech 'dvdexpress' would run in windows to convert our vhs's to dvd.

    Keep up the good work guys/gals!


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