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    1st Point
    I suggest that the menu system is revisited to clarify the words used and where the menu options are situated. For instance, right click on a VM and display the pop-up menu. Now look at the list of items:
    • Control Center - only brings up the available VMs so it's not really a Control Center
    • View - View what?
    • Actions - Vague - lots of things are actions
    • Configure - Vague
    • Add to Launchpad - Vague
    • Options - Put in Configure
    • Show All Windows - why not in the View menu
    • Hide - Vague and why not in the View menu
    • Quit - Vague
    2nd Point
    The help documentation online is pretty ropey. It does not consider 'what if' or clarify (i.e. Snapshot vs Rollback for instance).

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