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  1. dzeroz

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    Definitely! I agree with my previous speakers. Luckily I was able to remove the red lines from the dock, but your RED logo in the menu bar is so dramatic that I just had to hide it. Is that what this is about? User comfort at the expense of branding? Give your users a choice :) We pay for a great service, but we would also like to receive visual comfort. Why can developers of other applications do this and the Parallels team can't?

    All the best! :)
  2. dzeroz

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    *I would like to make a reservation that it was important to me because the removal of your branding from the icons in the dock finally allowed me to return to Parallels. This is awful. I know - strange, but for some it's very important.

    The same applies to your other applications, such as Parallels Access. Give the possibility of choosing a monochrome variant. Please!
  3. Hagbard1

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    Hi MarcinS1,
    I tried your method - and came quite far - but in the end the logo in the menu bar was blank white. Obviously I made some mistake underway. Could you send me your selfmade Thanks and best. Hagbard
  4. judas_s

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    +1 here. the branding argument is just arrogant, IMO.
  5. AlexAlexAlex

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    Agreed. The screaming RED logo in the menubar is just annoying.
  6. RichardK18

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    I have disabled parallels toolbox because of this issue.
    I have 16 items in my menu bar, Parallels toolbox is the only one that doesn't have a b&w option.
  7. caass

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    +1 Parallels is the only item in my menu bar that doesn't have a b&w option. I feel like if MarcinS1 was able to patch it pretty easily then surely it wouldn't cost a lot of development time to add an option for a B&W option.
  8. PeterJ18

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    1.Hold down the Command (⌘) key.
    2.Float your mouse cursor over the symbol you need to move.
    3.Holding down the left mouse button, drag the symbol into your favored situation on the menu bar. Different symbols will move to one side to make space for it.
    4.Relinquish the left mouse button.
  9. lrodrigopb

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    It would be nice for the taskbar icon to match the new Big Sur Style in white. Also, the Parallels Toolbox Icon should match the new rounded square design.
  10. StuartS5

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    First off, i've been a Parallels customer for 9 years, since Parallels Desktop 7.

    This is an important change for some people, the feature request is 4 years old and has the most votes out of any of them; yet is being ignored by Parallels. Other publishers have no problem having their precious logo/icon displayed in black/white in the status bar, yet parallels refuse to consider this an issue. I've just turned the icon off, but am getting increasingly frustrated with paying £40 per year for this software (remembering that actual macOS updates are now free), when there are free virtualisation alternatives offering all the features I actually use.
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  11. SeanR6

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    +1 from me as well. The red is super distracting. Black in light mode, White in dark mode please!
  12. MMiguelE

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  13. PhilipF5

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    Two vertical lines please.

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  14. JorgeB5

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    On Big Sur that's a Big Issue, even Docker has a black and white icon, please make it a least an opt out feature

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