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Discussion in 'Parallels Website and Forum' started by rodger, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. rodger


    Who does one contact and how?
    To get two accounts merged. I have converted e-mail accounts and have 2 accounts on this forum. I need them merged. If I try to change one accounts e-mail it says the email is in use by the other???

    Their help systems won't let me contact them without paying???
  2. AuberonX



    Yeah... no way of contacting them easily. All I need is two merge two customer accounts. Why is Parallels so unaccessible?
  3. EkaterinaZ

    EkaterinaZ Parallels Team

    In order to submit a request for merging Parallels accounts please follow the link below:

    The page can be accessed as follows: >> "Support" menu on the red

    and select Customer Service and Licensing category. Then proceed with filling in the form.

    Merging accounts is in fact transfer of activation keys from one account to another and disabling the first account. In order to transfer a key from an account we need a proof that indicates that the account owner doesn't mind transferring his keys to another account. Therefore please either provide a proof of purchase of the key in question or contact us from the e-mail address used for the account that you would like to transfer license from.
  4. VolkerK1

    VolkerK1 Bit Poster

    Amazing how bad a support portal can be.
    Need to merge my accounts, how?

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