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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ClayD1, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. ClayD1

    ClayD1 Bit poster

    I used a lot of cad and 3D software. I've finally upgraded to dual Xeon processors and a Vega 64 gpu. Metal and Metal 2 support would really help the rendering in autocad, orcad, etc.

    Does parallels desktop currently support or have plans to support metal/metal2? VMware Pro does.
  2. PaulChristopher@Parallels

    PaulChristopher@Parallels Product Expert Staff Member

    Hi @ClayD1, while Parallels strives to provide the best Mac virtualization platform, Parallels Desktop for Mac is subject to a host operating system and its limitations. Unfortunately, macOS does not support OpenGL Compute Shaders which are required to implement DirectX 11 support Metal and Metal 2, meaning we are currently unable to create this functionality.

    We maintain a good relationship with Apple and have discussed the aforementioned concerns with them. We closely monitor any API Reference documentation changes at in the hopes of receiving the required instructions from Apple, but we do not have them as of yet. Please rest assured that we do want to implement better graphics support for guest systems, and once we have the necessary documentation, we will create the functionality to do so.
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  3. Chris_H

    Chris_H Bit poster

    Following up on this. Yes...OpenGL does not support compute shaders, however Metal 2 does. Is Parallels actually researching the full set of API features in Metal 2 to provide DirectX 11+ support?
  4. CarthiS

    CarthiS Bit poster

    Parallels 14 still not support Metal2. Could you please let us know when will Metal2 will be supported by Parallels?
  5. GarethR

    GarethR Bit poster

    I would also like a reply to this, preferably one which does not pass the buck to OpenGL.
    Why does Parallels not convert DX to Metal - which supports the features needed? OpenGL is not needed for this.
    I am disappointed now in Parallels, especially for a piece of software that was leading the pack.
    Bring support for Metal or lose your fan-base, I'm afraid.
  6. adin

    adin Bit poster

    Any timetable or anything you guys can say about metal/metal2 support now? Especially since you're now owned by corel.....?
  7. GarethR

    GarethR Bit poster

    Anyone got an answer? Anyone?

    The silence from Parallels is deafening :(
  8. Hi guys, we have no info about supported OS in newest Parallels Desktop versions before release. Once we got official info we will let you know.
    Thanks a lot for you patience.
  9. GarethR

    GarethR Bit poster

    Hi Maria - thanks for getting back. Your reply is a little unclear. Do you mean that you have no info about supported OS features in in Parallels 15?
  10. Yes, @GarethR we will be able to inform you and other customers about supported OS in Parallels 15 just after official release.

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