Metal graphics support for macOS Big Sur virtual machines

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Guest OS Discussion' started by Maria@Parallels, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Maria@Parallels

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    Metal graphics support for macOS Big Sur virtual machines Get the world's first Metal graphics support for macOS virtual machines - run Mac apps like Maps, Pages, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and many others. Note: Metal graphics is supported for macOS Big Sur (and later) virtual machines if Parallels Desktop 16 is installed in macOS Big Sur (and later) as well.

    Please share your Suggestions and Experience here.
    We will do our best to tune Parallels Desktop for your needs.
  2. TillIndy

    TillIndy Bit Poster

    Kind. But practically useless if only works under Big Sur itself. The point of Parallels Desktop, however, is to use operating systems on hardware that is actually not suitable for this and therefore has to be simulated. Simulating a system environment that already exists in hardware and works 100% makes no sense, at least in most cases. Metal support would be really useful if it worked with Mojave and Catalina to avoid buying expensive necessary Apple hardware.
  3. SamW13

    SamW13 Bit Poster

    My experience is it doesn't work. The exposed eGPU seems to cause guest OS crashes when the OS is OS X (11.01). I even tried forcing an OSx upgrade to 11.1 which, even is experiencing issues. Without the eGPU connected, the OS X (11.01) works fine for days. with the eGPU, in about 4hours the virtual guest just goes 'poof' without even an error message :), though it is kind enough to later report there was a failure. I've been dealing with this for about 1.5months now.
  4. A__15

    A__15 Bit Poster

    Same Here! TBH never tried it with onboard graphics, but with eGPU it crashes after sometime.....
  5. poundbit

    poundbit Bit Poster

    I have tried for almost 2 months now. It crashes even when you upgrade OSx to 11.1, all your hard work of many hours just goes waste and that too when you don't get even error message.
  6. Macintosh Rescue

    Macintosh Rescue Bit Poster

    Interestingly I don't have an eGPU but am experiencing the same. I have an iMac with an AMD video device built in. I agree that it's the Metal support in Parallels that's causing the crashes because a Big Sur virtual machine I run on macOS Catalina via Parallels Desktop on another Mac never crashes.

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