Microsoft Flight Simulator: clouds flash and render in cockpit sometimes

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by JonathanK8, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. JonathanK8

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    iMac 3.8GHz, 8-core i7, 64GB RAM
    GPU Radeon Pro 5700XT
    Parallels v16
    Windows 10

    Parallels (even Parallels Pro) is beginning to struggle to run current games which use modern graphics cards.
    Live example is Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), released August 2020, which creates a 3D play environment.
    Games work smoothly using Boot Camp and the native GPU onboard the Mac.
    However, Parallels does not address the Mac's GPU, instead Parallels creates a virtual emulator of a different graphics card.
    It feels like Parallels' virtual GPU has become quite old and dated? In practice, it behaves exactly like an older Nvidia 7XX series.
    So for the MSFS game under Parallels, clouds (literally all clouds) flash at 2-5x per second, often jumping inside the aircraft cockpit view.
    The game developer, Asobo, has explained that this flashing clouds issue is known, and only happens with older 7XX graphics cards
    (and Parallels apparently).

    Please upgrade the virtual GPU emulated by Parallels.
    To make it capable of running current software that needs to draw 3D environments/models.
    (thank you)

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