Microsoft store downloads/updates take ages

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by SebastianS16, Oct 21, 2021.


Do your Microsoft Store apps also update very slowly?

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  1. SebastianS16

    SebastianS16 Bit poster

    Is it just me or does Windows 11 on ARM using Parallels cause Microsoft Store apps to update very very slow? Like a 25 MB update takes around 5-20 minutes but it's not actually downloading the whole time (I checked using task manager). I've noticed this with Windows 10 too and yes I made sure I have disabled any "throttling" under Delivery Optimization and no, my internet speed is not that slow lol.
    Doesn't happen on my other Windows 10/11 devices which are x86 based so it's probably because of Windows on ARM.

    My question is does this problem only affect me or did anyone else notice this too?
  2. WillH7

    WillH7 Junior Member

    Seems slow only on the Windows 11 + Parallels 17 config. It was okay with Windows 10 + Parallels 16 M1 Preview.

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