Microsoft Teams Not Installing On Windows ARM Preview Build 21343. Java Error

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by JasonF18, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. JasonF18

    JasonF18 Bit poster


    I am getting a Java script error when trying to get Teams to install. I am on a M1 Mac Pro with trial parallels and windows build 21343 preview up and running.
    Teams Java Script error Build21343r. Prerelease 210320-1575.png

    No idea how to fix and get it up and running. Help?
  2. kundanno

    kundanno Hunter

    This is a known issue. Unless Microsoft releases a version of Teams for Windows Arm64 VMs there is not much we can do. You will have better luck running Teams directly on macOS. It works fine.
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  3. DaleK2

    DaleK2 Bit poster

    There is already a arm64 version of teams but that does not work on parallels either, if you use qemu (acvm, utmapp) to setup a windows 10 vm then Teams launches and works fine (just don't expect to be able to use any usb redirection, video cameras), my feeling is how parallels is presenting the cpu / architecture which is causing Teams to crash rather than the software itself.
  4. Elric

    Elric Parallels Team

    This should work in just realeased PD 16.5
  5. Paul-HenriR

    Paul-HenriR Bit poster

    Can someone who installed it can confirm it works with 16.5?
    I had the same issue with the preview of Parallels...
    Thank you!
  6. kundanno

    kundanno Hunter

    Teams works on the newer Windows builds - it is not a Parallels Desktop issue. I suspect it started working once Windows started detected the CPU as Apple Silicon. But I may be wrong. In any case, it is working for me on 21359.

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