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  1. JulianMoo

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    With Citrix Virtual App and Desktop or WVD it is possible to optimize/offload the Microsoft Teams stream the local endpoint. That guarantees the best possible user experience. As far I know there is no optimization planned from MS for traditional on-premises deployments (VDI/RDSH). I can see a lot of my clients moving to Teams due COVID-19 and it would be nice if Parallels could build something to enhance the Teams experience. I think a lot of other Parallels customers could profit from this as well.
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  2. TobiasS8

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    I fully agree with you, unfortunately my attempts with Parallels RAS and Teams were rather counterproductive. The rendering of the video streams over the RDP channel caused too much load on the rdsh servers, with remote fx I could serve 2 simultaneous sessions, but then the audio quality deteriorated. The only possibility would be like Citrix does it with the rendering of the stream on the client direct. We should raise up a parallels ras feature request and asking for best practice with microsoft teams.
  3. JasonA6

    JasonA6 Bit poster

    Technically this works with Parallels RAS but only for WVD sessions.
    We have also gotten this to work with the Zoom optimizations to render on the client device.
  4. VinceK1

    VinceK1 Bit poster

    Any update on adding this functionality?
  5. Eugene. K.

    Eugene. K. Parallels Team

    Hi Everyone. Thanks for the feedback!
    We have this feature in our backlog but I can't comment on any ETA for the time being.
    I have a question regarding this feature for all of you:
    Will it be OK for your use cases if the Teams app is used on the client device and RAS Client only redirects Tems' URLs from server to client (start a call from Outlook, for example, and such). Similar to how the browser and email URL redirection works.
    Looking forward for your feedback and thanks again for investing your time into making Parallels RAS better!
  6. VinceK1

    VinceK1 Bit poster

    @Eugene. K. I personally don't believe having a URL redirects would be of much value. Potentially if you had redirect from inside the teams apps to local teams as most people start/join meetings/calls directly inside of teams and not thru calendar invites. The real biggest challenge is being able to see video and share you parallels desktop. Everyone already has to do that locally now but since all of the other players except Parallels support full Teams Optimization we are getting a ton of pressure from our clients to find a solution that works.
  7. Eugene. K.

    Eugene. K. Parallels Team

    Thank you for the feedback.
  8. PatrickD8

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    Since no one has reported on this topic since 2021, I wanted to ask what the status is. Over the years, at least Microsoft has done a lot. There is the Remote Desktop WebRTC Redirector Service, which can be installed on the server. In combination with Remote Desktop Client (msrdc) it is possible to use the teams optimization.

    My question is, if there is still something to expect here, or the topic will stay in the backlog forever?
  9. Rickv4

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    It is possible to use Microsoft Teams AV Media Optimization without AVD (in On-Premises Remote Desktop Servers or VDIs).
    Just install the WebRTC Redirector Service and use the new Remote Desktop client (MSRDC) to connect.
    The trick here is to rename your *.RDP file to *.RDPW and off you go :)

    Since Parallels already integrated the new MSRDC client (for AVD integration), it shouldn't be that hard to use the same client to connect to non-AVD servers.
    Please Parallels, look into this and make it happen! :)
    We have working Proof of Concepts, please contact me if you need any technical insights.

    A feature request has been logged internaly with ID RAS-54103

    Some background:
    Microsoft Teams AV Media Optimization for native onprem Remote Desktop environment -
    Teams Optimierung für Terminalserver - Jans Cloud
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