Microsoft Visio 2010 always configures on launch, every time

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by Gameraboy, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Gameraboy


    Every time I launch Microsoft Office Visio 2010 I get the "Please wait while Microsoft Office configures Visio" message. Each and every time. I've got a fully licensed, activated copy of Visio & Windows 7 (I'm a technet subscriber). Even if I leave Parallels running and just quit Visio then launch it again I get this message.

    It's frustrating, as it adds time every single time I launch the program. I've tried searching the forums & Google, but didn't find any help on the issue. I've tried it on 3 separate Macs, with 3 clean installs of Win 7 64 bit & Visio 2010, but it keeps happening

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  2. YanaYana


    Hmm i suggest you to contact Parallels support tem
    It works fine on my Vm (i have Windows XP and visio 2010), i guess support need to investigate your local environment
  3. Heiko Klingberg

    Heiko Klingberg

    Visio 2010 will not launch if FireWire HD is plugged in

    Just found out that visio 2010 on Windows XP virtual machine will not launch if a FireWire HD is plugged in and shared folders are activated.

    Mac Mountain Lion with Parallels 8 and Windows XP as guest OS.

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