Microsoft WON'T give me a second key!!!!!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Robster, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. fox.kenji

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    I bought an OEM copy as well, but I have not installed it anywhere yet. My goal is to have this copy running on Boot Camp as well as Parallels. Have you had any trouble with XP askng for a reactivation whenever you switch between the two?
  2. itsdapead

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    Are you sure? Last time I looked, all I could ascertain was that sub-Ultimate versions explicitly prohibited running them on VM even if you bought a second copy - but Ultimate generously allowed this (provided you didn't expect DRM to work) - nothing about supporting two installations. I think there is a dual-use provision in some volume licensing schemes that explicitly doesn't apply to retail copies.

    Stupid, because otherwise that would be a major selling point for people wanting to use Vista alongside OSX or Linux... oh, wait... :)

    All good reason to try and wean ourselves off Windows-only applications (I phrase it that way because OSX can't currently throw any stones in the virtualization greenhouse - although that's more forgivable given the current state of the OS market).
  3. Eru Ithildur

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    sub-Ultimates do not allow virtualizations, it doesn't matter how many copies you buy.
  4. jbcaro

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    I had no issues with re-activating my OEM copy of XP under Parallels after it had already been activated under BootCamp. I just told the CSR that I needed to run XP on my Mac under both BootCamp and Parallels and they promptly gave me another acivation key. NOT another license key.

    On a side note. I have heard stories that some have had their request for a second activation key denied by some CSR's. I just don't think that all the CSR's understand what is being done and just reject the request. I guess I may have been lucky in getting the CSR that I did.

  5. Al_Q

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    I run my Boot Camp partition both under Parallels and natively. I installed once, natively, using the key that came with my brand new OEM copy of XP and activated by internet. Then I ran that SAME installation from Parallels. I got a message that I had to re-activate XP because the hardware had changed. I phoned Microsoft, told them exactly what I was doing, and they gave me an activation code with no problems.

    It may depend on the particular Microsoft person you get on the line. By some interpretations of the EULA it is not legal. What seemed to make the difference with the person I spoke to was that I explained that I was running the very same installation in the same physical partition in both cases. Just booting it two different ways. I needed to boot in a VM because Acronis won't work when I boot natively.
  6. Art743

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    I think the issue is boot camp or parallels. When I called for my keys (actually it is more than one), because they allow several installs for XP (not Vista). I told them I was rebuilding another machine and was trying to get the best configuration of drives (RAID, etc), which was true. The only concern they had was that the other machine did not have the same XP on it. it did not. That was their only question.

    XP monitors the number of installs, and after several, it says you have done too many. That's when you call in. I did not mention boot camp or parallels to them. At the time I was not using parallels, and I felt boot camp was not their business. And they did not ask.

    I say all this because I wanted to be clear I had reported success earlier with XP, not Vista, which does have limitation on the TYPE of install. That is enough to make you quit microsoft by itself.

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